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Warranties, insurance, vehicle service contracts, breakdown protection? What does it all mean and what do you need right now?

Factory warranty

A factory warranty is provided by the vehicle manufacturer on purchase of a new car and covers certain repairs or replacements for about 2-4 years or a certain mileage. Typically, factory warranties only cover defects in materials or workmanship, and do not cover wear and tear or routine maintenance. Once the factory warranty expires, you are out of protection.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC), also known as "Extended warranties", "Extended car warranties", or "Mechanical breakdown protection", provide coverage for certain repairs after the original factory warranty has expired.
If you need your car to go to work or manage your life, they are often the best way to protect yourself from sudden high costs a faulty part can create.
There are vast differences in coverage, monthly price and services included. Some plans offer additional benefits such as roadside assistance or rental car coverage. Thus, we recommend comparing and reading the contract before purchasing a plan to avoid any disappointment. Naturally, we believe that Chaiz is the best way to do this.

Car insurance

Car insurance covers the cost of damage or injuries resulting from accidents, theft, or other unforeseen event and is a legal requirement in 49 out of 50 states.
Chaiz does not sell car insurance.

Is it right for you?

To decide whether you need a VSC/extended car warranty, depends on your personal need for your car. A mechanical breakdown is 50x more likely than an accident and once the factory warranty is over, any mechanical issue has to be paid out of your own pockets. So ask yourself: "Can I pay for a $1000 repair without issues?". Repairs can easily get more expensive than that and we see a VSC also as a great budgeting and financial planning tool.

The plans available on Chaiz

To keep things as simple and comparable as possible, Chaiz puts every plan into one of three categories. Click on them to explore what's typically covered.
This is for information purposes only. Effective coverage depends on the plan selected and needs to be reviewed carefully.

Pros and Cons of Vehicle Service Contracts

VSCs or Extended car warranties can provide peace of mind for you by covering the cost of unexpected repairs after the manufacturer's warranty expires. However, whether or not they are worth the investment depends on your individual circumstances and factors such as the age and condition of the vehicle, its maintenance history, and the level of coverage offered by the contract. To find out if this is a good fit for you, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: "Can I cover a $1000 repair today?"


Protection against unexpected repairs and breakdowns
Peace of mind and assurance
Make planning and budgeting easier
Transferable to new owner, can add resale value
May offer additional benefits such as roadside assistance when you need it most


May not cover all repairs or parts. Understanding your contract is key
Coverage and exclusions are limited and require some research to find the perfect fit
Most do not cover pre-existing conditions or wear and tear
Deductibles and other fees may apply
May require specific maintenance schedules or void warranty

The right plans for your car

VSC providers on Chaiz


Headquartered in McKinney Texas North American Auto Care Inc (NAAC) was founded by distinguished industry leaders in order to administer vehicle service contracts and asset protection insurance policies designed to provide every type of driver with more coverage and better pricing than any OEM and aftermarket administrator.


Toco Warranty can help cover the cost of unexpected and frustrating car repairs. The company offers one contract with four levels of coverage — your level of coverage is determined by the miles on your vehicle’s odometer at the time the claim is submitted. The company lets you make monthly payments rather than pay upfront or put down a down payment. Toco Warranty also provides roadside assistance, car rental assistance and full concierge service.


AGWS currently works with more than 4,000 Dealers across the U.S. and Canada. With more than 150 employees and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, AGWS is equipped to help Agent and Dealer partners with unmatched profitability options, superior claims processing, and exceptional customer service.

Service Contract is fully dedicated to customer satisfaction by offering world-class coverage options, competitive pricing, efficient claims processing and an extensive national network of repair facilities to get vehicles back on the road


Omega Auto Care is a member of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA), accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ insurance rating. They've been in business for 20+ years with stellar customer reviews across Google & Trustpilot.


Capital Auto Protection Services is a trusted vehicle protection services administrator. We provide our clients and customers with innovative administration solutions backed by strength, stability, and dedicated customer service.


CarGuard is a premium provider of warranty plans which are backed by one of the most stable insurers in the industry.


Endurance Warranty provides customizable auto protection plans backed by a 30-day refund policy. Coverage comes in six different tiers, but you can customize any plan for your needs. Payments plans for up to 36 months are available, and you can potentially transfer coverage should you sell your vehicle.


olive is a consumer-informed mechanical breakdown coverage provider that seeks to offer a high-quality product at the right time in a transparent manner. Plan holders can cancel at any time or transfer the plan to a new buyer without a transfer fee. olive’s customers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to purchasing options and plan choices, and all rates are locked in for three years. Once you choose your deductible and coverage level, coverage begins the next day with no waiting period


Royal is a member of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) and backed by an insurance underwriter holding an A+ rating while boasting 30 years in the business with over 2 million plans sold and $1.5 billions paid out in claims.

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