About Chaiz

Is Chaiz really independent?

Yes. We do not get any kickbacks or treat certain providers more favorably than others. However, which plans you see in the search results can vary depending on your car, model, state and age and what other customers say about a certain provider. We try to show you what we think is most helpful and relevant to you at any given time and this can change from time to time.

Does Chaiz offer auto insurance?

No. Chaiz offers vehicle service contracts (sometimes referred to as extended car warranties). Auto insurance covers you against collisions, whereas a service contract is a protection against a mechanical breakdown, such as an engine failure.

What is Chaiz’s reputation?

Chaiz has outstanding reviews including an A- on The Better Business Bureau and score of “great” on Trustpilot. Chaiz will not sell your information or spam you, in fact you can get quotes on our site without having to enter your phone number or email address.

What is Chaiz?

Chaiz is an online marketplace for vehicle protection, comparing prices and customer reviews of the best vehicle protection providers in the industry. Our mission is to bring transparency and fair pricing to the industry.

Pricing & Payment

How much can I save with Chaiz?

Chaiz could save you up to 60% on dealership or call-center quotes.

What if I already have an extended car warranty?

Not a problem! You’ll likely find our plans are less expensive than your current plan, so at any point, you can switch from your current provider to Chaiz to save up to $1,700. You may also want to switch to get better coverage.

Why is Chaiz cheaper than other sellers?

Chaiz cuts out the middleman and allows you to purchase directly from the plan administrator through our digital platform – and we pass along the savings to you!

Is the down payment refundable?

Yes, once you decide to purchase vehicle protection, you have 30 days to review your contract and make sure you are 100% happy with it. If not, you can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund of your down payment.

What is the difference between the down payment and the monthly payment?

The down payment is charged at the time of sale and the monthly payment is paid every month until the contract expires or is cancelled.

Claims & Coverage

Is routine maintenance covered with Chaiz?

Routine maintenance of your vehicle is not included under vehicle service contracts but is highly recommended and even required by most providers to be able to file a claim.

How can I file a claim?

The first thing to do is to contact your claims administrator who will guide you through the process. You can find the contact information of your administrator on your contract or in your client dashboard after purchasing a contract.