What is Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska?

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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July 15, 2022
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The world is full of exciting new things to see and explore. Sometimes these strange and entertaining things are made in our lifetimes. We get to enjoy them at their prime. Visiting Nebraska might seem like it is all corn fields but it has a lot more to offer. Especially open roads for the road trip enthusiast, tasty cuisine, and of course Carhenge. One of those gems found here in America. So without further delay, let’s jump into the details about Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska.

What is Carhenge?

Carhenge is an installation that resembles Stonehenge in England, but instead of using stones the creator used sculptured cars. Making it a truly unique exhibit to see.


John Reinders is the artist behind the Carhenge exhibit. John had the opportunity to go to England, there he was able to see and study the famous Stonehenge. After his time in England he desired to recreate a life-size replica of Stonehenge. He experimented with a number of different materials and ideas throughout his career.

John’s father then passed away in 1982 which ultimately led to the creation of Carhenge. The family wanted something to commemorate this family man and so the idea of a replica of Stonehenge came to fruition. The family, about 35 or so members, decided to gather what they needed and all meet up 5 years later to build the exhibit. It was with that promise that the family met up in June of 1987 to build Carhenge.

They decided to use cars covered in gray paint to recreate Stonehenge. The circle has a diameter of about 96 feet with many cars standing on the back of the vehicle with the trunk in the ground. The “heel stone” is depicted by the 1962 Caddy. There are around 39 vehicles that make up the Stonehenge replica.

When to visit Carhenge?

Carhenge is open all year round and has been since its opening in 1987.  The ideal time would be from September through the end of October. The weather cools down to a comfortable 70°F and rain is infrequent.

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