Top 5 States for the Best Road Trip

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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August 19, 2022
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So in the last travel blog, we spoke about an unusual place, that is Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska. It is a fantastic place to take a road trip to and experience the unique culture and cuisine while taking in this replica of Stonehenge made of cars. But this country has a whole to offer. There is something for everyone. It is all about finding and discovering the special nooks and crannies that the states have to offer the road traveler. Perhaps even going out of state to find a magical vacation spot.

What are the best road trip states?

Obviously, all the states are amazing and have a bunch of fun and excitement to offer the road tripper. Some states do offer that little extra when it comes to a road worth driving and sites along the way. Let’s explore the top 5 states for the best road trip.


Arizona has a spectacular landscape that is unique and does not compare to other American states. The mountains, cactus, and captivating desert will take your breath away. It is certainly an experience that will likely leave you wanting more. Even for locals, it is an incredible experience.

For lovers of long open roads and beautiful national parks, this is a must. You can drive to so many magnificent places. Here are a few places you can add to your Arizona road trip:

There are so many more stops you can enjoy along your road trip. These are just a few of the favorites and most inviting to visit. The whole state is one panoramic view after the other. Take a camera and hit the Arizona roads with people you love.

New York State

New York state has this wonderful romantic reputation. So much so that people from all over the world come to enjoy what this delightful state has to offer. Most people do go to the state to see the wonderful city of New York, particularly in the Fall to Winter seasons. Watching the leaves change to that inspiring landscape of coppers, yellows, and oranges on the trees and getting snug for the holiday season. That’s what it is all about. However, the state has its own marvelous places to visit outside of the city, such as:


A Minnesota road trip is one that gives you the opportunity to experience quaint small towns, creepy but beautiful abandoned lots, and a landscape full of nature. Plus, the state has an abundance of freshwater lakes that will scratch the itch for all water lovers. But what are the places to visit in Minnesota? Well, there are plenty so we chose a select few to suggest for your next road trip up north:

No matter where you decide to go with your road trip through this state, you will find numerous visits and stops to make the journey special.


The deep south might not be your first choice when it comes to picking a state for a road trip. But hear us out on this one. A Louisiana road trip has the potential to really knock your socks off. There is so much history and a melting pot of cultures to make it a truly unique experience. Much like the other road trips on our list, Louisiana is one of a kind when it comes to the cuisine and landscape. You may find yourself entranced by the sheer beauty and vibrance. Here are some of the best spots to visit on your road trip:


We have written about a road trip through Oregon before and just had to add it to this list as well. It is an amazing state to visit as you get a whole lot of city hustle and bustle with the richness of nature. An Oregon road trip will satisfy your need to explore, relax, and enjoy delicious food. Take time to embrace these awesome stops:

Wherever you land up traveling on your next road trip, know that it will be exciting and adventurous. The USA has wonderful places to visit and explore all over the nation. The world is your oyster, so what better way to discover its hidden treasure than a road trip?

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