5 Places to Visit on Your Road Trip to North Dakota

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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July 8, 2022
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North Dakota has many exciting outdoor activities for individuals, groups of friends and /or families. The state is also home to incredible wildlife that make for fantastic sightings and a great deal of history. The rich culture and deep love for the area has made it one of the most pleasant states to drive through.

Visiting North Dakota

At many of these stops we suggest while visiting North Dakota there will be areas where you can shop and find awesome goodies to take home with you or buy as gifts. For the most part though it is about staying on the open road and making a few stops at magical places that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Let’s jump into 5 places to visit on your road trip to North Dakota.

01 Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the perfect place to spend a few days of your road trip just exploring the nature the badlands have to offer. The park is separated into 3 different units which all offer something different. The sections are the North Unit, the South Unit, and the Elkhorn Ranch Unit. The South Unit is alongside Interstate 94 near a quaint town called Medora. Here you can camp for a few nights in different areas of the park to properly take in the wildlife and hiking trails.

02 Happy Harry’s Ribfest

For those of you looking for more of a festival atmosphere with great food, then a good place would be to join the Happy Harry Ribfest. The festival goes on for days in June and has attracted over 40,000 people to come and partake in the lovely ribfest for the past 25 years.    

03 North Dakota Heritage Center

Museums are great places to visit to really get to know a bit of history about the place you are visiting. North Dakota Heritage Center offers visitors the opportunity to explore all the wonders of history and a peek into the future. See the amazing dinosaur exhibits and enjoy something from the cafe as you walk through the corridors of history.

04 Knife River Indian Villages

Another exquisite visit is to the Knife River Indian Villages. The area was inhabited by indigenous people for over 11,000 years. Today the area is protected and has been since 1978. The purpose is to “preserve the historic and archaeological remnants of bands of Hidatsa, Northern Plains Indians, in North Dakota.” In this adventure you will be able to get an idea of life for the people occupying these lands so many years ago. Three villages are known to have been situated in the Knife area along the river.

05 Lake Sakakawea and Garrison Dam

This stop is for people who enjoy spending time by and in the water.  The area has been popularized for activities like fishing, camping, boating, hiking, and other outdoor water-based recreation. The lake and dam are located 75 miles north of Bismarck. The area is surrounded by wildlife conservation which makes it so pleasant to just unwind from an epic road trip.


Plan your Road Trip

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