Visiting Alaska: Top 5 Places to Visit

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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January 17, 2022
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alaskan mountains and a lake

Alaska is all about the natural beauty and living with the land. A unique relationship between the people and the wildlife exists in Alaska. Visiting this gorgeous state will allow you to view some of the largest national parks in the USA and experience the warm hospitality. Read on as we explore visiting Alaska.

Things To Do In Alaska

Now you may think Alaska is all snow and gloom but that is just not true. Alaska is land of wonderful wildlife and a rich history. The best advice when visiting Alaska is to plan the trip well also you have time to enjoy every stop along the way.

01 Iditarod Trail

Many people around the world are familiar with the sled dog race that happens in Alaska. Yes we are talking about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The race takes place in winter and attracts a number of spectators. This is great for bringing attention to the trail itself. There is much more to it than the race.

The Iditarod trail is a national historic trail of 2,300 miles during the winter months. The trail served as a way for villages to connect and establish a dog team mail service. For a while during the gold rush the trail also served as a supply route. There are routes accessible for hiking during the summer months as well. So you can still experience this amazing historical trail even if you are not up for the winter race.

02 Alaska Native Heritage Center

For a true experience and understanding of the native people of Alaska, visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center. The center was designed to educate Alaskan people of the heritage and the native people that make up the 11 major cultural groups.

The center is located just outside of Anchorage. You can experience Alaskan native storytelling and dancing in The Gathering Hall and enjoy exhibits and handmade crafts in the Hall of Cultures. There is so much to take in and is definitely worth the visit. Go to their website to plan your visit and book one of the exciting tours.

03 Tracy Arm Fjord

For a spectacular tour and experience of the natural world, visit the ever breath-taking Tracy Arm Fjord. Located south of Alaska’s state capital city, Juneau. This is the place to take in all the great elements a fjord has to offer. The iconic glaciers combined with the blue/green color of the water sparks magic.

There are rather affordable tours offered that can give you the best views and way through the fjord. The trip also gives you the opportunity to spot wildlife such as whales, bears, mountain goats, a variety of birds,and even seals. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to see what nature has in store.

04 University of Alaska Museum of the North

If you should find yourself in Fairbanks you should make a stop at the  University of Alaska Museum of the North. This incredible museum offers an overwhelming amount of historical artifacts and natural history pieces. Showcasing items from the prehistoric to ethnological items made by the native people of Alaska.

Here you can bring children for an entertaining and educational tour. This is a wonderful trip for the family and even just the individual looking to explore a bit more about the history of Alaska. If you are a large group I would suggest calling ahead to book a tour.

05 Dalton Highway

There are those among us that enjoy more extreme adventures. Dalton highway can be accessed from Fairbanks and Anchorage but keep in mind that it is the less traveled route. It is mostly used by oil trucks and has very unforgiving terrain.

The Road is lined by two amazing national parks which already makes the trip a tantalizing one: Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The road goes up into the far northern region of Alaska. Ending at the arctic circle where you can see the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights.

Plan your Trip

No matter how you decide to travel to Alaska it is important to plan your trip and make sure you have all the essentials on hand. Packing with a checklist can often alleviate some of the stress of traveling.

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