Top 5 Places to Visit while Traveling through New Orleans

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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March 9, 2022
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You and your family want to head out on a road trip in the States, but you don’t have a route in mind yet. We have the perfect road trip ideas for you! New Orleans is a diverse city with much to do. We will look closer at the top places to visit in New Orleans. We will also examine the best places to visit in New Orleans. You will be setting out on your road trip in your car. If your car’s factory warranty is about to expire we recommend buying an extended car warranty or Vehicle Service Contract (which has the same meaning) with Chaiz.

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The History of New Orleans

New Orleans is located on the Mississippi River in the southeast of Louisiana. It serves as a substantial port and is the economic and commercial hub for the greater Gulf Coast region of America. We will look at the best places to visit in New Orleans, Louisiana. The area is known for upbeat music, Creole cuisine, different dialects, yearly celebrations and festivals and the Madi Gras. The rich cultural heart of the city is the French Quarter with French and Spanish Creole architecture and an area of rich nightlife along Bourbon Street. The city is considered very unique with cross-cultural ties and multiple languages in the heritage.

Top Places to Visit in New Orleans, Louisiana

There are many top places to visit in New Orleans that we will look at below. We will look into the 5 best places to visit in New Orleans.

   1. Beginning Your Road Trip at the French Quarter

This is a popular tourist stop-over spot in New Orleans. The main drawcard here is the architecture. There are also great dining and entertainment opportunities not to miss out on! The buildings in the French Quarter are old, with some dating back 300 years ago. There are some French influences seen in arcades, wrought iron balconies, red roof tiles and pretty courtyards. Many of the structures are now hotels, have restaurants in them, souvenir stores, galleries and jazz spots.

Royal street offers an eclectic mix of historical features, excellent dining and shopping areas. To listen to some jazz, Frenchman Street is the right area to visit. There are good restaurants here too.

   2.  Exploring one of the Best Places to Visit in New Orleans, Louisiana- St Louis Cathedral

To the north of Jackson Square you will find St Louis Cathedral. This is known as a landmark in the area. It was constructed in 1794 on the grounds of two earlier churches and is the oldest cathedral in use in the USA. Pope John Paul II came to see the cathedral in 1987. The cathedral was built with the aid of contributions by Don Andres Almonester de Roxas, a French-speaking man who spent money from his great wealth on rebuilding New Orleans after the second big fire. This is one of the top places to visit in New Orleans.

   3.  Exploring one of the Best Places to Visit in New Orleans, Louisiana- The National WWII Museum

This museum has many engaging displays and documentary snippets telling the story of WWII as fought in Europe and the Pacific. The museum has three sections. One concentrates on the war in the Pacific, the other on the war in Europe and the third section has WWII aircraft. As you move through the displays, documentary films give a real-life window into how items displayed were involved in the war. There is also a Stage Door Canteen with entertainment from the 1940s showcasing matinees and dinner-time shows.

   4. Exploring the Garden District

The Garden District is a lush residential area with big mansions, old trees and pretty gardens. You can explore the area on foot and there are some guided tours on offer which give more details on the history of the area. There are some famous celebrities that have their houses in the area. It is tranquil, a great way to see the architecture, there are also boutiques and coffee cafes in the area to explore. Enjoy some lunch in a tranquil setting.

   5. Exploring Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

The Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve has six separate locations in south-eastern Louisiana. Two of these spots are in the New Orleans area and are worth seeing. The Barataria Preserve showcases some of Louisiana’s natural treasures.

The preserve has natural levee forests, swamps, bayous as well as marshes. Archeological digs here showcase remains of the Troyville, Marksville, and Tchefuncte cultures. For a more historically-rich exploration, the Chalmette Battlefield shows the location of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, an American victory against the British at the close of the War.

This is the final destination we suggest on your road trip through New Orleans. We have examined 5 top places to visit in New Orleans. Make sure you have purchased your extended warranty before you begin your road trip through New Orleans.

With your Chaiz warranty in place you can enjoy your New Orleans road trip knowing your car will be covered in the event of a mechanical breakdown.
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