Top 5 Places To See on Your Utah Road Trip

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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December 8, 2021
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The History of Utah

Utah is known as a state in the Mountain West sector of Western America. Utah is actually landlocked. It has a population of more than three million. Utah has been home to indigenous groups for thousands of years, like the ancient Puebloans, the Navajo and the Ute. In the mid-16th century, the Spanish were the first Europeans to arrive, making it part of New Spain, later named Mexico. Although it was Mexican territory, a lot of Utah’s early settlers were American, specifically Mormons fleeing marginalization by the US. After the Mexican-American war in the year 1848, the area was annexed by the US, becoming Utah territory which included Colorado and Nevada.

Utah has a varied economy with major sectors known as transportation, the education sector, I.T. and research, government services, mining of the area and tourism. We will look at the best places to visit in Utah.

5 Top Places to Visit in Utah

We will look into 5 fun places to visit in Utah on your road trip. Utah has lots of things to see and do and is rich in natural beauty and sites to visit.

1. Visiting the Arches National Park

We recommend starting off your road trip at the Arches National Park. Arches National Park which is a landmark attributed to its beautiful natural arches. The arches were created by salt beds that were deposited about 300 million years ago left behind by the receding ocean. There are over 2000 arches found in the park. The most famous one being the Delicate Arch.

The area boasts big spires and rocks that balance against the arches, a beautiful landscape. The area has beautiful stark colors and scenery.

2. Visiting Moab

For the second stop on your journey, we would recommend going to Moab.  Moab is in eastern Utah and is known to be one of the most visited towns in the area with many tourists frequenting the area every year. Moab is known for its mountain biking trails if you are interested.

Moab is known for its beauty and has a variety of activities available in the area. These include taking out a kayak, whitewater rafting down the Colorado River, canoeing down the Green River, mountain biking on the trails, it’s known for base jumping, hikes, backpacking and off-roading in a 4×4.

3. Visiting Canyonlands

The Canyonlands are found in south-eastern Utah. This national park is near Moab. Visiting Canyonlands shows a vast landscape, canyons next to the Green River as well as the Colorado River.

The park is dissected into four parts each with their own unique character. These parts are known as the needles, the maze, as well as the Island in the Sky and the rivers. Being so diverse in beauty the park is considered unique and one of the best places to visit in Utah. Here you can hike, go mountain biking, backpacking, go out on a four-wheeler, go rafting, or go kayaking. There is much to see and do. It is also considered one of the most fun places to visit in Utah.

4. Visiting Capitol Reef National Park

Found in south-central Utah, you will find Capitol National Park. This park is less busy than the other parks but just as beautiful. The park is 100 miles long and quite narrow. It has beautiful canyons, slightly monoliths, and ridges. It is rugged and has a white line off cliff-face and dome-like area. This prevented travel there until the early 1960s.

There is a big campsite and the Burr Trail Scenic Backway to explore. Activities available include horse riding, as well as driving tours. Orchards were first planted by the Mormons and are still seen today. This park is considered one of the most fun places to visit in Utah as well as being scenic.

5. Visiting Bryce Canyon National Park

For the final stop on your road trip, we recommend visiting Bryce Canyon National Park. Found in southwestern Utah, is Bryce Canyon National Park. This landscape boasts big natural amphitheaters. There is no canyon, in reference to the park’s name. It is found next to the Paunaugunt Plateau. There is a beautiful array of rock coloring.

This area was first settled in by the Mormons during the mid-19th century. The area became a natural monument in 1923 and then a national park. There is vast biodiversity with 400 plant species, in three life zones linked to elevation levels. There are 13 viewpoints in the park and wonderful walking trails.

Ensure You Have an Extended Warranty Before You Set Off on Your Utah Road Trip

Before you set out on your journey ensure you have an extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract in place. This way if you encounter a mechanical breakdown you will be covered. Chaiz makes choosing an extended warranty easy with top third-party warranties appearing after you search for your car’s warranty on our search tool. We hope you enjoy our road trip stop-off recommendations on your tour of Utah! We have listed the 5 top places to visit in Utah.

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