Tips on Road Trips with Your Pets

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
Vehicle Service Contract Specialist, Traveler, Car Enthusiast
December 23, 2021
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dog hanging out of a car window with the wind blowing its ears back slightly

Traveling with our pets has become quite popular, particularly with dogs and cats. Van life took over much of the USA which encouraged road trips with your pets even more. This has led to the boom in the development of car-specific pet accessories to make travel more comfortable. Read on to discover what useful products are out there for pet owners and how you can keep your vehicle covered in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

Pet Seat Covers

You may be surprised at the range of seat covers available. A pet seat cover is both a comfortable place for pets to relax during the ride and a cover that will protect your seats from scratches. While also making it so much easier to clean as well. The range can include the box style cover, the booster seat, the hammock style, and even those that include door covers. Many are available in different materials and waterproof options.

Pet Barriers

Sometimes pets can get very excited while out on the road. To prevent them from jumping into the front area of the vehicle and potentially causing a dangerous situation pet barriers can be installed. Depending on whether you want the barrier for the back cargo area or for the back seat there are many options available that will suit your specific needs.

Pet Emergency Travel Kits

Much like we need to keep a first aid kit for ourselves and the people traveling with us, so do our animal friends. While you are out on your road trip and exploring new places unforeseen events may happen. Sometimes this might be a time where your pet has an allergic reaction or suffers some kind of injury. For the best possible results for recovery, a pet first aid kit can be kept in the car for initial treatment before going immediately to a veterinarian. A good tip is to research vets in the areas that you will travel for emergencies as well.


A comfortable and size-appropriate harness is greatly important. A harness is an investment for walking, running, and use in the car during road trips. A harness can help provide plenty of safety options for your pet. A sturdy harness that can double as a car seat belt for your pet can assist when braking suddenly. Something with reflective material will help when at a stop during the evening.

Spill-Proof Bowls

These are great options if you are looking to go on extended road trips with your pets or even take the van life fully. Spill-proof bowls come in a variety of application methods such as attached to the back of your seat or on the back seat bowls. Research which one will best suit your needs and trust me, you’ll be happy knowing your pet has a drink of water while road tripping with you.

Get a Vehicle Service Contract for the Best Protection

A vehicle service contract, colloquially known as an extended car warranty, is designed to alleviate the stress of travel whether in the city or long distance. If your factory warranty has come to an end or you have recently purchased a used vehicle, an extended car warranty will protect you in the event of a mechanical failure. A vehicle service contract, or extended car warranty, ensures that your car’s most important parts are covered, including labor for repairs. These extended warranties are offered under two main plans named the powertrain and bumper-to-bumper/exclusionary. There are plans in between allowing for better flexibility in coverage and terms. Most of these also include roadside assistance on a 24hr basis, something that is greatly handy during holiday time. Find out more about the plans available to you with the Chaiz search tool. The tool is completely online with no phone calls, allowing you to take your time and compare plans.

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