Road Trip to Indiana: 5 Must See Places

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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February 1, 2022
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You are about to set off on your next road trip, but you haven’t got a destination in mind yet. We have the perfect destination recommendation for you! Indiana is a beautiful spot with many sights and activities to keep you busy! We will delve deeper into the top places to visit in Indiana. We will also look more closely at fun places to visit in Indiana. You will be setting off on the road trip in your car. If your factory warranty is about to expire we would recommend you invest in an extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract which means the same thing.

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The History of Indiana

Indiana is known as a US state in the Midwestern part of the United States. It’s the 38th largest in size as well as being the 17th most populated area in the United States. Several groups of indigenous people have inhabited Indiana for thousands of years. The US expelled some of them between 1800 and 1863.

Indiana attributes its name to the fact that the area was inhabited largely by native tribes even after becoming a state. The northern sector was made up of settlers from New England and New York. Central Indiana was made up of migrants from the Mid-Atlantic states and Ohio. Southern Indiana had settlers from Upland South, namely Kentucky and Tennessee.

Top Places to Visit in Indiana

There are lots of unique places to visit in Indiana that we will explore below. We will examine the 5 best places to visit in Indiana.

   1. Starting off Your Road Trip at Lafayette

Once you’re in Lafayette, it’s worth visiting Purdue University. It was founded in 1869. It’s known globally and a public research university boasting a large and beautiful campus with red-brick buildings. This is one of the fun places to visit in Indiana.

Another one of the top places to visit in Indiana is to go birdwatching at a place called Celery Bog Nature Area. This is a natural wetland covering 195 acres. There is a nature center, as well as wetlands and trails of about 7 miles of paving to explore. Wildlife in the area includes mallards, turtles, herons, rabbits, beavers and possums.

   2.   Visiting Indianapolis

We recommend visiting the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It is home to more than 54, 000 pieces of art from around the world. The museum exhibits fine art, ceramics, textiles and many significant pieces from renowned artists. You will find lectures, performances and film viewings at the museum.

Indianapolis is home to people with a unique pastime: throwing axes. Bad Axe Throwing is one of the fun places to visit in Indiana and try your hand at axe throwing. You simply throw an axe at a target. The Address is: 235 S Meridian St #211, Indianapolis, IN 46225, United States. It’s worth a shot!

   3.   Visiting Muncie

If you have heard of Bob Ross the iconic artist that painted live on TV in the USA, visiting Muncie is a good idea. Enjoy the Bob Ross experience, by exploring the life and art of the iconic American painter, in his historic home. The Joy of Painting show was filmed here where Ross inspired viewers with his soft demeanor and exquisite painting. This is one of the fun places to visit in Indiana.

The Albany Glass Museum in Muncie is one of the top places to visit in Indiana. It showcases pressed glass patterns created in Albany Indiana from the year 1893-1903. The museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays so bear that in mind.

   4.   Visiting Richmond

Richmond is one of the best places to visit in Indiana. It’s worth trying out The Cardinal Greenway which is the longest railway in Indiana and is about 62 miles long from Marion through Muncie to Richmond in East Central Indiana. It’s a lovely route to cycle alongside the tracks.

One of the fun places to visit in Indiana is the pubs and restaurants in Richmond. There are often live musicians from the area performing while you enjoy a drink or delicious meal from local chefs.

5.   Visiting Connersville

The Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary is one of the top places to visit in Indiana. It’s operated by the Indiana Audubon Society in Connersville. Alice Green Gray gave the 264-acre property to the Society in 1943 as a memorial to her daughter, Mary who died before her. Members of the community gifted land and the sanctuary is now over 700 acres big. You can explore the birdlife, camp or go fishing.

The Whitewater Valley Railroad is in southeastern Indiana between Connersville and Metamora. This is one of the best places to visit in Indiana. The railroad preserves the 1950s era of branch line railroads. Currently, it’s operated by diesel switchers as well as road switchers throughout the year.

This is the end point of the road trip destination we would like to recommend. We have looked at 5 fun places to visit in Indiana. Make sure you have bought your extended warranty/ Vehicle Service Contract before you set out on your road trip to Indiana.

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