Road Trip Ideas: 5 Top Places to Visit in Montana

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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April 7, 2022
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It’s the time of year when you like to plan a vacation. You and your family want to head out on a road trip, you just don’t have a destination in mind yet. We have the perfect idea for you! Montana has much to see and activities to enjoy. We will look into the best places to visit in Montana. We will also look at the unique places to visit in Montana.

The History of Montana

Montana is known as a state in the Mountain West area of the Western United States. Idaho is found to its western side, North Dakota and South Dakota to its eastern side, Wyoming to its southern side and it is flanked by the Canadian areas of Alberta, British Columbia as well as Saskatchewan to its northern side. It is the fourth biggest state by size and is the seventh most populated state. The capital is Helena. West Montana has several mountain ranges with the eastern half covered in western prairie terrain as well as Badlands. There are 77 mountain ranges in the Rocky Mountains that are named.

Top Places to Visit in Montana

There are lots of unique places to visit in Montana that we will explore. We will look at the 5 best places to visit in Montana.

1. Beginning Your Road Trip at Flathead Lake

15 minutes to the south of Kalispell city, you will find Flathead Lake. It is the biggest natural freshwater lake to the west of the Mississippi River. It was formed by glaciers, with a connection to the past and it is now a tourist hotspot. To the north of the lake, you can enjoy a hike or some horse riding.  

During the summertime, there are cherries to be bought at farmer’s markets around the lake. Sailing is becoming ever more popular. You can rent a sailing boat or take a lesson from several locations along the edge of the lake. This is one of the unique places to visit in Montana.

2. Visiting Whitefish

To the north of Kalispell, you will find the idyllic resort destination, Whitefish. It is found in the Flathead Valley. Whitefish came about as a result of glacier activity. As a result there is an abundance of freshwater in the area, meaning there are lakes and streams throughout the landscape.

Most of the activities in Whitefish have a natural element. You can go fishing from Whitefish Lake. You can also enjoy skiing at the Whitefish Mountain Resort. There is also the opportunity to kayak on the Flathead River or play a game of golf at one of the lovely local golf courses in the area.

3. Visiting Great Falls

Found in the center of Montana, is Great Falls, a landmark also known as the Electric City. Great Falls is a great stop-over point when exploring the parks on offer. Great Falls is one of the top places to visit in Montana.

You may also want to walk along the Missouri River. You can feed some trout and get a taste of American history at one of the parks, such as the Lewis and Clark Park, the final stop we recommend on this road trip agenda.

4. Visiting Helena

Helena is the state capital of Montana and is a hub in the midst of Gold West Country. Helena is one of the best places to visit in Montana. The main highlight in the city is the Montana State Capitol Building which has guided tours during weekdays.

Another spot to check out is the Gates of the Mountains on the Mississippi River. This boasts a range of cliffs that open to the river named by famous explorers Lewis and Clark. Helena is also known for its  historic mining district, named Reeder’s Valley. There is also the stunning hand-carved Great Northern Carousel plus the 19th  century Old Fire Tower. These spots are some of the most unique places to visit in Montana.

5. Your Final Destination: Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

The oldest and most breathtaking state park in Montana is the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, found near Three Forks. This is one of the best places to visit in Montana. The caverns are made out of limestone with interesting columns as well as stalactites and stalagmites.

You can take a guided tour of the caverns which are vast. They go down 600 steps when the air becomes considerably cooler. The caverns are open in the summertime. The state park offers hiking, picnic spots, canoeing and the opportunity to see rich wildlife in their natural habitat.

This is your end destination on your Montana road trip. We have looked more closely at the 5 best places to visit in Montana.

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