Florida Road Trip: Top 5 Places to Visit to Cross Off Your Bucket List

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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November 17, 2021
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It’s coming up to your vacation time and you’re looking for your next road trip destination. We have the perfect destination idea for you! Florida is a diverse part of the States with so much to see and do that you can cross off your bucket list. We will look into the top 5 places to visit in Florida. You will be setting out on your road trip in your car. If your factory warranty is due to expire soon or you have bought a used car ensure you invest in an extended warranty.

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The History of Florida

Florida history dates back to 14,000 years ago when the first Native Americans settled in the area. A written history of Florida begins in 1513 when Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon arrived in Florida. This state got its name from the conquistador naming the area La Pascua Florida and due to it being Easter, Pascua Florida means Festival of Flowers.

This was the first part of mainland America to be settled in by Europeans. 1513 was the origin of the American frontier. Since then, Florida has had many colonizers, namely the French and Spanish settlers in the 16th century, movement of Native Americans from the south and freed black and fugitive slaves. Florida was ruled by Spain from the 16th to 19th century, briefly in the 18th century by Great Britain. It became a territory of the United States in 1821. In 1845 Florida was included in the Union as the 27th state. Florida is sunny and warm. There is much to see and do on your road trip through the area! We will look into the fun places to visit in Florida.

Top Places to Visit in Florida

There is a variety of places to visit in the area. We will mention the 5 top places to visit in Florida on your road trip. Many of us have a bucket list of things we want to see and do, so our 5 top places to visit in Florida are bucket-list destinations.

1. Visiting Cape Canaveral Space Station and Kennedy Space Center

For the first stop on your road trip adventure, we recommend Cape Canaveral Space Force Station which is home to the US Space Force’s Space Launch Delta 45. This is found at Cape Canaveral which is located in Brevard County in Florida. This is an excellent starting point on your road trip. Nearby is Patrick Space Force Base, the main launch site for Space Force’s Eastern Range. They currently have 3 active launch pads. The station is southeast of the NASA Kennedy Space Center, on the island next-door, Merritt Island. A number of US space exploration pioneers launched from CCSFS including the first US earth satellite and first US astronaut.

The John F Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is home to one of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NSAS) ten field centers. Since 1986 KSC has formed the main launch center for human spaceflight. Launch missions for Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle programs were initiated at KSC Launch Complex 39. Both CCSFS and KSC are worth visiting. They both have had pioneering space missions launched from their launch sites. It is quite something to see these sites where some iconic astronaut missions have launched from.

2. Stopping off at Disney World

Driving inland to the west is Walt Disney World, an entertainment resort situated in Bay Lake and the Lake Buena Vista area in Florida near the city of Orlando. The resort is owned by Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, a branch of the Walt Disney Company. It started in 1971. The property is very big, some 25,000 acres. The area has four theme parks named the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There are also two water parks- Disney’s Bizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

The area also has 27 themed resort hotels, nine are non-Disney, a number of golf courses, a camping site, additional entertainment venues and the outdoor shopping center, Disney Springs. Disney World was designed in addition to Disneyland in California. The park has a variety of roller coaster rides for thrill-seekers, a haunted elevator and haunted themes, there are also Disney snacks worth tasting to choose from and water rides, for those of you that don’t mind getting wet. This landmark is definitely one of the fun places to visit in Florida.

3. Visiting Vero Beach

Driving in an easterly direction from Disney World to Florida’s east coast and driving further south you will come across Vero Beach. Vero Beach is a city in Indian River County Florida. It is rich in beaches and wildlife. The beaches in Vero beach from the Treasure Coast. There are 26 miles of beach shoreline. The Indian River Lagoon intersecting Vero Beach makes up a big portion of the intercoastal Waterway- a hub where you can go boating, go fishing, water skiing, go out diving, kayaking and take part in small-craft water activities.

Vero Beach includes Historic Dodgertown, which started in WWII as a US Naval Air Station. Later it was the training facility for the Los Angeles baseball team the Dodgers until 2008. It’s worth visiting the McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach, an NPO subtropical botanical garden located at 350 US Highway Vero Beach. A tropical landscape architect designed its streams, ponds and trails. Indigenous vegetation was put together with seeds from around the world.

Also worth a visit is the Vero Beach Museum of Art at 3001 River Park Drive, Vero Beach. It has regional, state and national art displays and a beautiful sculpture garden, studio art classes on offer, performances, a shop, art research library and youth events. These are good stops on your road trip. Vero Beach marks one of the best places to visit in Florida.

4. Stopping off at West Palm Beach

Traveling further south on Florida’s east coast you will come across West Palm Beach. Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is worth visiting in Dreher Park in West Palm Beach. It’s a non-profit organization with some 550 animals and 190 species, many of them endangered in 23 acres of habitat. The goal of the Zoological Society of Palm Beaches Inc. (Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society) is “to inspire people to act on behalf of wildlife and the natural world”.

Alongside the Palm Beach Zoo is the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium (SFSCA). SFSCA is found at 4801 Dreher Trial Park, West Palm Beach. It was born in 1959, with a goal to open people’s minds to science with interactive events and community-based camps. It has more than 50 exhibitions, a planetarium, a large aquarium, a mini-golf course and a large exhibit space. This is an interesting stop-over on your road trip and also one of the best places to visit in Florida.

5. Your last stop-Fort Lauderdale!

Traveling further south from West Palm Beach is Fort Lauderdale which is a city in Florida, 25 miles north of Miami. It is the largest city in Broward County. The city is a popular tourist hub and Yachting Capital of the World. Greater Fort Lauderdale has over 4,000 restaurants, 63 golf estates, 12 malls, 16 museums to see, 132 nightclubs to explore, 278 camping areas, 100 marinas and is home to 45,000 yachts. It is known for its nightlife and restaurants so if you want to explore the city at night there is much to see and great meals to be had.

This marks the final stop on your road trip to Florida. We are sure you will notice we have mentioned the best places to visit in Florida. We have also mentioned 5 fun places to visit in Florida. Make sure you buy an extended warranty for your car before you set out on your Florida road trip. If your car has a mechanical breakdown Chaiz has got you covered with a choice of top third-party warranty providers on offer tailor-made to your specific car!

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