Cape Cod, Massachusetts Road Trip: Top 5 Places to Visit!

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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November 5, 2021
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view of a red and white lighthouse

You’re planning your next road trip and you’re not quite sure where you should travel in the States. We have the perfect road trip destination for you! Cape Cod in Massachusetts offers a host of wonderful sights and places to visit. We will delve deeper into the top places to visit in Cape Cod. You will be doing the road trip in your car. Whether your car is newer or older it’s important that you invest in an extended warranty. An extended warranty is also known as a Vehicle Service Contract. The contract is entered into by the customer and a third-party warranty provider brought to you by Chaiz.

Extended car warranties come very in handy when your car runs into mechanical breakdown-related issues. If this were to happen on your road trip to Cape Cod, having an extended warranty in place would mean the repairs on your vehicle would be covered and you wouldn’t have to cover them yourself. Being prepared with a car warranty makes sense! That way as you drive along the Cape Cod route you will feel peace of mind that your car is covered.

The History of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod gets its name from the fact that it is a geographic cape that moves into the Atlantic Ocean. It can be seen from the area of the south-eastern corner of the mainland of Massachusetts to the north-eastern USA. The history of the area is tied to maritime links and the scenery boasts beautiful beaches with interesting architecture. Cape Cod consists of 15 towns, with some of the towns being home to smaller villages.

Cape Cod includes  Barnstable County. This is made up of 15 towns. These towns are known as Bourne, Sandwich- one of our top places to visit in Cape Cod, Falmouth, Barnstable, Mashpee, Harwich, Yarmouth, Brewster, Dennis, Chatham, Orleans, Wellfleet,  Eastham, Truro as well as Provincetown- another of our best places to visit in Cape Cod.

South of Cape Cod, you will find Nantucket Sound as well as Nantucket- yet another one of the top places we recommend visiting and Martha’s Vineyard- another gem worth visiting. These areas are actually big islands. You will also find the predominantly privately-owned Elizabeth Islands. We recommend exploring some of these towns and islands nearby to Cape Cod. and will explore them in more detail below.

Best Places to Visit in Cape Cod

There are so many gems on the Cape Cod route that are worth visiting. We will mention 5 top places to visit in Cape Cod. This way you will get a sense of the beauty and richness of the area and will go home refreshed and excited to tell your friends and family about what you saw on your Cape Cod road trip.

1. Drive Along the Cape Cod National Seashore

To the east of the Cape Cod area, there is an area of approximately 40 miles which is protected land known as the Cape Cod National Seashore. This area is wild and remains mainly unchanged. The beaches are idyllic with views that take your breath away. Places to visit in Cape Cod, Massachusetts include spectacular beaches, breath-taking woodland where you will find Atlantic White Cedar, lush birdlife and excellent walking trails.

There are park ranger programs to be enjoyed like hiking, going on a canoe, snorkeling and exploring historic buildings. You can find more information about these programs at Salt Pond as well as Provincetown Visitor Centers. If you are spending some time away on this Cape Cod road trip many of the top 5 places we recommend visiting offer activities for you and your road trip travel partners.

2. Exploring Nantucket

Nantucket was born in 1659, founded by colonists. The island is 15-miles long and is situated 30 miles to the south of Cape Cod. You get there by ferry. Hinchman House Natural History Museum will give you a glimpse into Nantucket flora and fauna, birdlife as well as provide ecological walks.

The Nantucket Whaling Museum makes for an interesting visit. You will see ship models, whaling-related equipment, portraits, old logbooks as well as a sperm whale skeleton of 43 feet. The museum is situated in a restored candle factory from 1847. This is definitely one of the best places to visit near Cape Cod.

3. Exploring Provincetown

Found at the tip of Cape Cod is Provincetown, one of the best places to visit in Cape Cod. It has a vibrant art and music allure. In the year 1620, Pilgrims arrived. There are great beach walks, cycle routes, kayak experiences and boat trips to be had, making Provincetown one of the best places to visit in Cape Cod. Spend time out on a walk soaking in the sights!

There is a big Pilgrim Monument, made of granite, erected in 1910. If you climb to its peak you will have spectacular views, as it’s 252 feet high. There is a museum at the bottom of the monument with information on town history, displays, ship models, whaling artifacts, tools belonging to the Wampanoag people as well as maritime objects. The history of the area is rich and the museums on your tour will give you a glimpse into how the Cape Cod population lived years ago.

4. Visiting Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard island is found some 5 miles to the south of Cape Cod. You can get there via car and passenger ferries from Wood’s Hole, Cape Cod or from the New Bedford area. Martha’s Vineyard is one of the best places to go off Cape Cod. Martha’s Vineyard is home to six small towns with long beaches found below high bluffs. You will see Gothic buildings in candy colors, making for great photographs.

Edgartown is a whaling center in Martha’s Vineyard. You will see Vincent House, the oldest home, which was converted into a museum. It is some 400 years old. Vincent House Museum is an example of how life functioned many years ago.

5. Visiting Sandwich

Sandwich is one of our top places to visit in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is known as a small town on the western side of Cape Cod. It was a glass manufacturing mecca in the 19th Century. The Sandwich Glass Museum houses 5,000 pieces of glassware made back then. The museum also has a new-age furnace for glass-blowing displays. The shop sells Sandwich glassware reproductions.

It’s worth setting aside 2-3 hours to explore the Heritage Museum and Gardens. This is a complex of Americana museums situated in a 100-acre garden. The automobile museum houses 35 antique cars including a 1930 Duesenberg Tourister and a 1913 Ford Model T. There is an American folk art museum, you will find antique weapons, miniature soldiers and, Native American relics on your museum’s tour too. On the eastern side of the town, Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen pays homage to Thornton Burgess who wrote the children’s stories Peter Rabbit and Friends. These children’s books are still enjoyed by children in the States today!

Ensure You Have an Extended Warranty Ahead of Your Cape Cod Road Trip

Having your car with you is a perk on your journey of our top places to visit in Cape Cod. There really is so much to see. Ensure that you have invested in an extended car warranty ahead of your journey. Chaiz offers you a variety of car warranty options on our marketplace from bumper-to-bumper comprehensive coverage  (or exclusionary coverage) that’s more expensive to powertrain coverage that’s less comprehensive and more affordable.

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