Arizona Road Trip: Ghost Town Edition

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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October 25, 2021
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landscape view of the Arizona desert

Who wouldn’t want to go on an Arizona road trip? Such a breathtaking landscape that is like no other. Famous for the Grand Canyon and new to the wine industry, this is an ever-adapting beauty full of history. With all that history Arizona is home to some of the most fascinating ghost towns just waiting to share their story. Let’s go through a few of these incredible and somewhat terrifying towns.  

Arizona Offers A Unique Experience

No matter the direction you follow you are bound to be completely taken with nature and panoramic views. An Arizona road trip is all about taking in the scenery along the journey. Then fully appreciate the trip after settling in at your destination.

01 Prescott

You’ll find Prescott in central Arizona. Watson lake is home to numerous bird species and the impeccable nature reserve is a must-see visit. Downtown Prescott is where the historic Whisky Row is located, today boasting live music and entertaining bars.

For a walking tour through downtown, A Haunting Experience Tours offers a 2-hour walk exploring the streets and recanting the stories of Prescott.

02 Tucson

Tucson is the second-largest city in Arizona, filled with festivals and cultural adventure. There is the mineral and gem show, the folk festival, and the Fort Lowell museum to name just a few. There are endless things to do and enjoy that include art, eating, and the odd tour.

The Tucson Ghost Company offers a 90-minute walking tour through downtown visiting the well-preserved relics. You may also get the chance to spend a couple of hours ghost hunting in a haunted building.

03 Old Bisbee

Bisbee is a town in southeastern Arizona affectionately known as Old Bisbee. The town itself has an old mining history which lends itself to a wealth of stories. Old Bisbee has an inviting culture and nightlife as well, A sure visit no matter where you are on your way to in Arizona.

The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour offers an exciting evening tour through the town exploring the old mining ghost stories. The tours are available in a few different spooky levels from family-friendly to run away. Other ghost tours are also available to adults such as the Haunted Pub Tour.

04 Jerome

Keeping with old mining towns and returning back to central Arizona with Jerome. The town has a long history of copper mining and was a successful mining town at that. For those curious about the beginnings of Jerome’s mining, you can visit the Mining Museum.

Tours of Jerome offers a wide range of tours that include the haunted tour, following the town’s copper mine shut down. I would suggest having a go at the wine tasting tour after having close contact with the ghosts.

Plan your Road Trip

Regardless of where you find your destination or journey taking you it is important to plan your trip. Be sure to know the distances you are traveling and where to get gas so as not to get stuck on the side of the road.

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