5 Places to Visit in Hawaii: Road Trip

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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May 4, 2022
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road with jungle on wither side in Hawaii

Hawaii is the only state you cannot drive to because of the beautiful ocean separating the islands from the mainland. The islands themselves are also separated by the pacific ocean so you need to be a little creative with your road trip. This does not exclude it from being a memorable place for incredible road trips. In fact, it probably adds to the overall experience. Whether you are a local or visitor, it is worthwhile taking a road trip to some of the most amazing parts of Hawaii.

Starting your Hawaii Holiday

Hawaii is definitely one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. The tropical islands are a dreamy haven to so many, filled with culture and good food. There are a few short road trips you can take consecutively to give you a fabulous experience. Here are our 6 places to Visit in Hawaii: Road Trip.

01 Waimea to Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

Let’s start off on the big island. Begin your road trip at Waimea, an old outpost town for Hawaiian paniolo. Waimea is known for its beautiful white sand beaches on the north Kona and Kohala coast. From here you want to travel towards Pololu Valley. A scenic drive where you can take in all the nature before reaching a magical spot to take a rest and explore a little on foot. Perhaps even get a bit of lunch or dinner while enjoying the local offerings. When you are done you can take another scenic drive to Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area. A splendid place to stay for a few nights and end your road trip fun lavishly.

02 Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge & Lighthouse to Haena State Park and Ke’e Beach

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect place for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts to spend a day. So if you would enjoy road trips and a little hiking, bird watching, and a touch of history, this road trip is ideal for you. Get to Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge when the gates open at 10am to avoid the larger crowds. This way you will have time to explore a little bit before hitting the road. Once you have spent a couple of hours immersed in nature, get in the car and drive towards Hanalei Town. Hanalei Town is a surfer friendly paradise where you can do a little shopping and have a local lunch that will blow you away. After your meal head over to Haena State Parkand Ke’e Beach. Here you can do some snorkeling and swim in the pristine waters.

03 Heeia Pier General Store & Deli to Turtle Bay beach walk

Heeia Pier General Store & Deli is the perfect place to grab some road snacks before you head out for your Hawaii road trip holiday. Here you can also have a wonderful breakfast made with fresh, local ingredients that will really fill your soul. Take in the sites, eat your breakfast, and grab your snacks to head on out to Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour. At this special destination you can adventure through the 4,000 acre ranch and have the chance to take the hour-long movie tour. Spend a few days here for some excitement and great food. Then it is off to the last stop on this road trip. Head on over to Turtle Bay where you will be able to take a beach walk of a  lifetime. Spend one or two nights here to really soak up all that your holiday has to offer.

04 Hilo to Waipio Valley

This Hawaii road trip starts you off in Hilo. A beautiful town that you will be able to embrace to the fullest. Get yourself a local breakfast while you walk around the Hilo Farmers Market. Here you can also get some local fruit and other snacks for the road ahead. Once you are ready, drive towards Laupahoehoe Point. Laupahoehoe Point was once a thriving town but was destroyed by the 1946 tsunami. Now you can go there to see amazing ocean views and remember the force that nature truly is. After a picnic break or stopping at a local cafe for lunch you can continue your drive to Waipio Valley. At Waipio Valley you will experience being 2,000 feet above sea level and witness the unique mile-long black sand beach. Nothing short of breathtaking.

05 Paia to Haleakala National Park Kipahulu Area

If you want to experience the more eclectic side of Hawaii this road trip is for you. Start off in Paia, a town that once was home to many plantations and is now a surfer haven. The restaurants, cafes, and bars all have a unique vibe and will liven your mood. Spend one night here before taking a drive to Keanae Peninsula. Here you will see natural and untamed beach views while having lunch of banana bread from Aunty Sandy’s. This is also a wonderful place to stop for a picnic before heading out to Haleakala National Park Kipahulu Area. Spent a few nights here as there is a lot of peace and tranquility to indulge in, plus you can go experience the famous river pools of Oheo Gulch.

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