What Do You Do When Your Car Has a Mechanical Breakdown?

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
December 17, 2021
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When you own a car you have to prepare for the eventuality that your car might have a mechanical breakdown at some point. There are things you can do to prepare for this. Mechanical breakdown insurance covers your car for essential parts of your vehicle. It is bought as an add-on usually with a new car. We will explore this in more detail.

Another option is an extended car warranty. An extended car warranty is the colloquial term for a Vehicle Service Contract and means the same thing. A very good idea is to invest in an extended warranty for your car. With an extended warranty in place your car will be covered should you run into a mechanical breakdown. So you will be prepared for a mechanical breakdown and when it happens you won’t have to reach into your own pocket as you already have an extended warranty in place that will cover your repair bills.

What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

When you buy a new car it comes with a factory warranty for a set number of years or miles, normally 3 years or 36, 000 miles whichever comes first. Once your car reaches the end of its factory warranty, you will have to fit the bill for repairs unless you invest in an extended warranty.

Mechanical breakdown insurance covers car repairs related to mechanical failure in your car. It doesn’t cover accidents or natural disasters. Mechanical breakdown insurance is offered by insurance companies as an add-on in addition to an auto insurance policy. You will have to figure out which company offers the best mechanical breakdown insurance.

What Does Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Entail?

Mechanical breakdown insurance covers major components of your car- the car’s electrical and powertrain components. A mechanical breakdown insurance policy could also cover more expensive repairs to car steering, suspension, the cooling system as well as climate control systems.

The question comes up: which is the best mechanical breakdown insurance? Each insurance provider will offer a slightly different policy with more or less coverage of your car. Investigate the best options by comparing who has the best mechanical breakdown insurance. Is mechanical breakdown insurance worth it? It might be worth investing in this on purchase of your car as it covers aspects of mechanical failure that are important.

Choosing to Invest in an Extended Warranty Instead

Different from mechanical breakdown insurance, an extended car warranty is a Vehicle Service Contract that you purchase after your factory warranty expires. There are added perks with an extended warranty like roadside assistance, a tire changing service and if your car breaks down more than 100 miles from your home, the warranty plan will cover your accommodation costs.

Why Should You Invest in an Extended Warranty Ahead of Your Mechanical Breakdown?

An extended car warranty or Vehicle Service Contract is a very good option for your used car. When your factory warranty is due to expire you can choose to invest in an extended car warranty. Here at Chaiz, we offer you the perfect marketplace to compare third-party car warranty provider quotes.

After you have input your car’s details onto our search tool, top warranty provider quotes will appear allowing you to choose the ideal extended car warranty for your car. Before you run into a mechanical breakdown in your car, ensure you have an extended car warranty in place so the repair costs of your vehicle will be covered.

What are the Various Types of Extended Car Warranties with Chaiz?

There are three main types of warranties offered on Chaiz. The most comprehensive coverage is the bumper-to-bumper extended warranty which is the most expensive option. If you find your cover a lot of distance in your car, we would recommend this type of coverage. It can also be called an exclusionary warranty.

The powertrain plus warranties that we offer are the second tier of options, this offers slightly less coverage than the first tier option (bumper-to-bumper warranties) and is slightly less expensive.

The third and final tier of coverage is the powertrain extended warranties we have on offer. This form of coverage is the least comprehensive but also the most affordable. If you don’t cover great distances in your car this option will work for you as you are less likely to have a mechanical breakdown than someone who drives a lot and has greater wear and tear on their vehicle.

Avoid Hefty Repair Bills When You Have a Mechanical Breakdown

When your car is new you can choose to get mechanical breakdown insurance. Is mechanical breakdown insurance worth it? That is up to you and your budget and the points we have covered above. When your car’s factory warranty expires we recommend an extended car warranty. This way when your car has a breakdown you will be covered. Save yourself thousands on repair bills when you encounter a mechanical breakdown in your car, by investing in an extended car warranty/ Vehicle Service Contract today with Chaiz.

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