Typical Ford Focus Repair Costs

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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November 9, 2021
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The Ford Focus is a very popular model in the US and abroad. They are reliable cars that are suited to city life for pretty much anyone, from students to executives. Ford Focus repair costs can range between $180 and $5,000 as parts and labor costs for repairs can vary widely based on the part damaged and the extent of the damage.

Since the Ford Focus debuted in the 90s it has climbed the ranks of popularity in both the US and Europe. Being a compact car available as a hatchback, sedan, estate, or a coupe (the US only) this car was always made to be a great option for so-called petrol heads all the way to family-friendly travel. Read on further for more on common repairs and costs for the in-demand Ford Focus.

Ford Focus Repairs

The Ford Focus boasts a sporty steering style and a comfortable interior, which is why so many people enjoy driving this easy city car.  Even though some common repairs do exist, I would say that Ford Focus repair costs should not steer you away as this is a great car choice. There are a few common repairs you can expect with a Ford Focus, such as:

Ford Focus Repair Costs

As we have mentioned, repairs can vary significantly in costs as costs of parts and labor are big influencers. Ford Focus repair costs tend to average around $300 a year so one shouldn’t expect huge issues but when there are engine or transmission failures bills can rack up above $2,000. Below is a list of potential Ford Focus repair costs:

PartPrice RangeAlternator$469 and $495Starter Motor$411 and $438Transmission$3,500 and $5,000Engine$250 and $2,590Fuel Pump$846 and $904Water Pump$222 and $266CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement$450 and $600Ignition Coil Replacement$119 and $124Ignition Switch Replacement$148 and $164Control Arm Assembly Replacement$553 and $590

Ford Focus Extended Warranties

The extended car warranty for your Ford Focus is meant to give you peace of mind that your car is covered for mechanical breakdowns. Ford Focus extended warranties are offered on two main tiers which are the powertrain plan and the bumper-to-bumper plan. Third-party warranty plans take it a step further and offer you the best in warranty flexibility that will best suit your budget and yearly driving mileage.

Powertrain Warranty Plans

These basic plans are there to cover the powertrain of your vehicle. The powertrain includes the power source and drivetrain. Having these parts covered under a powertrain warranty will ensure that parts and labor are covered in the event of a breakdown. Here is what is covered under the standard powertrain warranty plans:

Other powertrain warranty plans, such as powertrain enhanced or plus, offer coverage for extra components which may include:

Bumper-to-bumper Warranty Plans

For total mechanical coverage, you will likely look at the bumper-to-bumper or exclusionary warranty plans. They offer cover for all your mechanical components plus a few extra non-critical parts. It is often much easier to simply describe what is not covered versus what is covered. Here is a list of what is generally NOT covered under bumper-to-bumper warranty plans:

Ford Focus Extended Warranty Costs

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are driving a 2016 Ford Focus 4 door sedan with around 63,000 miles as an odometer reading. This means you are looking at around 12,600 miles of driving per year. A basic powertrain warranty will be around $192 per year or $16 per month. A top-tier vehicle service contract sometimes called an extended warranty, will average around $368 per year or $31 per month.

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