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Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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March 23, 2022
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Honda cars have been enjoyed by consumers since the 70s. The Honda Civic was the first real car to come off the line and it took the American people by storm. Honda boasts a reputation for reliability and decent resale value. You can read more about these awesome cars in a previous article: Cars with the Best Resale Value

For this article though, we are going to take a look at the most reliable Honda cars.

Honda Cars

As we mentioned above, Honda took to the US market in the 70s. In 1973 to be exact.  They launched with the Honda Civic. At the time it was rather unusual and somewhat exotic since Honda is a Japanese company. The Civic also had better emissions rating than the American competitors while also running on standard fuel. It felt like a great win for consumers, and it was. The company went on to create some of the most popular cars that would satisfy solo car enthusiasts all the way to the home parent needing to zip through the city.

The Best Honda Cars

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord first debuted as a compact car in the 70s but only truly gained popularity from 1989 in the US. The Accord went on to include other body styles such as hatchback, coupe, and station wagon. Today you can have the Accord in its best body style, a midsize sedan. Whether you are looking to buy new or a used one, the Honda Accord is a reliable choice.

Honda Civic

We have brought up the Honda Civic a number of times in a few different articles. This is because the Honda Civic is a reliable car with great resale value.  Later versions added sportiness and performance to its reputation. You can find newer models as a compact car, a 5-door liftback, or a sedan. Whichever your choice, you will be delighted with the drive and comfort you get from the Honda Civic.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a popular car in the USA. Many people enjoy the opportunities it gives to go on a few outdoor adventures while still being great for driving on the road. CR-V is said to stand for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle,” or  “Compact Recreational Vehicle”. Showing that this car is a fun mid-range utility vehicle, The SUV style provides ample space on the inside for road trips, shopping, or your children’s sports gear. The Honda CR-V also offers comfortable interiors and a number of assistance systems. A great buy and worth considering.

Honda Odyssey

Maybe you have a lot of people you need to get around town but you want something reliable in engine and performance. The Honda Odyssey has been a favorite for many years because it offers seating for 6. Each with great leg room and elbow room. Think of the Odyssey as the ultimate minivan that has what it takes to deal with daily errands. This is a fantastic choice for people who need the extra seat, particularly for long distances. Definitely worth adding to your list of cars to consider if comfort and space are part of your needs.

How Reliable are Honda Cars?

Honda cars are generally considered to be reliable cars and engines. For the most part you probably won’t go wrong buying a Honda new or used. Find out more about the reliability of Honda cars in our previous article: Are Honda Cars Reliable?

It’s a Good Idea to Invest in an Extended Warranty for Your Honda with Chaiz?

Chaiz is a marketplace for third-party providers of extended car warranties. Extended car warranties are actually vehicle service contracts that are designed to protect your car similarly to that of a factory warranty. Vehicle service contracts are offered by third-party providers and typically give you way better perks and flexibility in the terms. These plans cover costs that arise from a mechanical breakdown that includes parts and labor. Chaiz offers you the best way to compare plans in your own time, no calls. Even though Honda engines are reliable they still have to compete with wear and tear, so it is a good idea to invest in an extended car warranty with Chaiz. Be prepared so you are left stuck with a large repair bill. You can find out more about what is offered for your specific vehicles by using the Chaiz search tool and you will get a quote in just a few seconds.

The Perks of an Extended Car Warranty

Mechanical failure can often happen when you are on the road, and sometimes even very far away from home. The perks of an extended warranty, or vehicle service contract, will ensure that you get what you need quickly. Here are a few perks you can look forward to after your purchase of an extended car warranty with Chaiz:

Does investing in a Honda Extended Warranty Makes Sense?

The answer is a resounding yes. Caring for your vehicle according to the proper maintenance schedule will ensure that your car will last for many years and have fewer repairs needed. This does not mean that it won’t happen and after some time it is bound to need repairs from wear and tear. Investing in an extended car warranty for your Honda vehicle could save you thousands in repair bills. Ultimately give you peace of mind that all is covered.

Here at Chaiz, we offer you the chance to comfortably search for a warranty that is perfect for your model car and mileage usage. Plus, you will find a warranty fit for your budget rather than trying to fit it into your budget.
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