The Benefits of Car Warranties

March 1, 2022
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You likely have heard about car warranties or extended car warranties. Perhaps you aren’t entirely sure why it is a good investment to protect your vehicle. In this article, we are going to take a look at what an extended car warranty is and what the benefits of car warranties are. Read on as we delve deeper into these questions.

What is an Extended Car Warranty?

An extended car warranty is a plan that offers mechanical breakdown protection. These are colloquially known as extended warranties but are actually vehicle service contacts. The contract exists between you and the third-party provider. They often come with better flexibility and perks than your standard factory warranty options for car warranty extension.

Here on Chaiz you have the opportunity to see quotes for your car online for easy comparison that does not involve robocalls of any kind. Once you have seen the quotes you will be able to view further details per plan or complete the purchase directly online with no hassles. The plans offered on Chaiz are under three tiers which are powertrain, powertrain plus, and most comprehensive or bumper-to-bumper. Some of them come with additional perks which you can read more about further in the article.

Protection Against Car Repair Bills

Car repair bills can reach $1000s of dollars depending on the extent of the damage. The brand of car will also influence the costs of the parts and in some cases the skills needed to repair the car. Most Americans don’t have enough in their savings to cover major repairs or even minor repairs needed on a car. With the lowest coverage extended car warranty you will have the most critical components of your car covered to ensure that you keep running.

Most of the  extended car warranties offered on Chaiz also provide towing services to your home or nearest accredited shop for repairs. Once your claim has been accepted the repair process will begin. All this just a call away for assistance with an extended warranty plan in place. Without an extended warranty you will need to cover these costs and other costs incurred in the process of repairing your vehicle. An extended warranty will ensure that you get quick and reliable service when you need it. Some of the other reasons to protect your car against a mechanical failure with Chaiz are as follows:

An Investment in Your Car

Think of an extended car warranty as an investment in your car by ensuring the longevity of your car while experiencing trustworthy service when you are stuck on the side of the road. If you maintain your regular maintenance service schedule of your car and have an extended warranty in place, you will be able to maintain a higher resale value on your car.

It is also an investment into car ownership as an extended warranty can assist in alleviating the costs involved. This includes the savings on repair bills and the fantastic perks that come with many of the plans. Plus, it will allow you to drive with peace of mind that you or a loved one is covered in the event of mechanical breakdown.

The Perks of an Extended Car Warranty

Sometimes a mechanical failure can happen when you are on the road. If you are on a road trip that might be far away from home. The perks of an extended warranty, or vehicle service contract, are there so you have quick services that can make a difficult process much easier. Here are a few perks you can look forward to after your purchase of an extended car warranty with Chaiz:

Here at Chaiz, we offer you the chance to comfortably search for a warranty that is perfect for your model car and mileage usage. Plus, you will find a warranty fit for your budget rather than trying to fit it into your budget.
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