How to Condition Leather Car Seats

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
February 9, 2022
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front leather seats in a car

If you have leather car seats you will need to clean and condition them in order for them to last longer. We will look at how to condition leather car seats naturally, how often to condition leather car seats and how to keep leather car seats in good condition. If you look after your leather car seats you will help them last longer. If you want to sell your car at a later date, well-maintained seats will stand in your favor.

Something else that is worth investing in, is an extended car warranty. Chaiz offers a fully-online marketplace where you can compare top third-party warranty provider quotes within seconds. You can choose an extended warranty that suits your budget and driving needs. An extended warranty is another term used to describe a Vehicle Service Contract, which means the same thing. With your extended warranty in place, you can set out on the road with peace of mind knowing that your car repair costs will be covered if you have a mechanical breakdown.

How to Condition Leather Car Seats Naturally

You can either use natural products to condition your car or traditional ones. That is up to your personal preference.

There are several steps that should be taken when you look at how to condition leather car seats naturally:

  1. Clean your leather seats with a damp cloth and a mild soap. Afterwards, dry them properly.
  2. Apply your natural leather conditioner to the seats with a cloth or sponge.
  3. Buff out scratches on the seat area with a scratch remover.
  4. Put on natural car wax to bring back the leather’s shine.
  5. Use a fabric protector for the seats that are likely to fade from exposure to sunshine.

Overall doing natural conditioning is a good idea. This is a good way to keep leather car seats in good condition.

How to Condition Leather Car Seats Traditionally

You can also opt to condition your leather car seats traditionally:

  1. Clean your car seats using a cloth. Get rid of dirt and grease.
  2. Vacuum the seats.
  3. Get a multi-purpose cleaner and a horsehair brush. The soap must be mild and the brush soft. Spray your brush and scrub each panel. Wipe the foam off using a microfiber cloth and repeat the process to get rid of dark spots.
  4. Buy a quality traditional leather conditioner in a spray bottle and spray it onto a cloth and rub it into the leather seats. This creates a protective layer, preventing cracking.

Using traditional soap and conditioner also works well in maintaining your leather car seats. This is another route on how to keep leather car seats in good condition.

How Often to Condition Leather Car Seats

The more traffic the seat is exposed to, the more conditioning it needs. You can wax your seats every 2-3 months which shows you how often to condition leather seats. The best approach is to monitor the seats’ condition so you can figure out how to keep leather car seats in good condition. If the leather looks dry, less supple or even cracked it’s seeking moisture and conditioning from you.

You should be proactive. The more you condition your seats, the healthier they will look. Upgrading the upholstery can cost around $2000 which is pricey which is wise to avoid. If you wonder how often to condition leather seats, if you condition and clean your seat every 2-3 months it won’t be necessary to reupholster your seats. You can even make a schedule to keep up to date with how to condition leather car seats. The more utilized the seats, the more attention, care and conditioning they need.

Getting an Extended Warranty After Having Taken Care of your Leather Seats

There are three types of extended warranties or Vehicle Service Contracts on Chaiz for you to choose from. These are known as the bumper-to-bumper/ exclusionary extended warranty, the powertrain plus warranty and the powertrain warranty.

Choosing the best bumper-to-bumper warranty is the most comprehensive option and the most expensive option. It covers most critical components of your car and suits a driver that is on the road a lot and will be more likely to break down.

The powertrain plus extended warranty is slightly less comprehensive and slightly cheaper. This will suit a driver that drives mid-range distances in their car. They will be slightly less likely to break down on the road.

A powertrain warranty is the least comprehensive coverage at the cheapest rate. This will suit a driver who isn’t on the road a lot and will be less likely to break down. Chaiz warranties can be chosen according to your driving and financial needs. There are varying levels of coverage that affect pricing of warranties.

The Benefits of Conditioning Your Leather Car Seats and Buying an Extended Warranty

Overall, it can be seen that cleaning and conditioning your leather car seats every 2-3 months is a good idea to keep them looking good. You can use natural or traditional products as discussed above.

Investing in an extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract with Chaiz is also a worthwhile idea. You can save thousands on repair bills and be covered for a mechanical breakdown on the road.

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