How Often Do People Buy Cars?

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
January 18, 2022
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The question is how often do people buy cars? It’s an interesting fact to note that pre-recession in the States people bought an average of 13 cars in their lifetime. According to IHS Markit the average age of cars on the road at the moment is 11.5 years. According to CNBC, people buy on average 9.4 new cars in their lives. There are specific reasons for this that we will delve deeper into.

When you buy a used car or when your factory warranty expires, we recommend buying an extended warranty. Simply input your car’s details onto the Chaiz search tool and the top third-party warranty provider quotes will pop up for you to compare. Avoid the hassle of phoning around to get quotes. Our marketplace is fully-integrated online and offers a simple purchase platform. An extended warranty prepares you for any mechanical breakdown eventuality. You can feel assured knowing your car’s repair costs will be covered.

How Often Do People Buy New Cars?

As mentioned, according to CNBC, people buy an average of 9.4 new cars in their lifetime, which is attributed to how often do people buy cars statistics. The state of the economy influences car buying. The manufacturing quality of vehicles has also gone up and improved with time so you can drive your car from new for over a decade. In 2007, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) was available in half the cars on the market in the USA.

By the year 2010, ESC was built into almost 90% of all cars. ESC is computer-run technology that improves vehicle stability as it detects and minimizes traction loss causing skidding. This has improved the safety of cars and reduced accident rates. It is recommended to look at the car’s safety features you would like to buy as newer cars have more advanced in-built safety features. We hope we have clarified further the explanation for how often do people buy new cars? How often do people buy cars statistics shed light on the economic circumstances, the level of manufacturing, how long cars last and car buyers’ financial circumstances.

How Often Do People Buy Cars From the Same Company?

The question is, how often do people buy cars from the same company? This can be answered by examining the facts. If you have bought a Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Porsche and so forth and you are happy with the performance of your car, you will find yourself buying another car from the same car company as your original car.

You make like the luxurious interior, the handling, high-tech features or you may even like owning an e-car for a greener lifestyle. You may wonder how often do people buy from the same company? It can happen quite often that you buy a certain make of car and go back to the same auto manufacturer to buy another car under the same brand. As time goes by you can buy a later model of the make you like.

Choosing a Bumper-to-Bumper Extended Warranty

Ensure you buy an extended warranty for your car so it’s covered when you run into a  mechanical breakdown. Chaiz offers three main types of warranties offered to you by third-party warranty providers. This includes the bumper-to-bumper extended warranty. This is the most comprehensive coverage for your car and is the most expensive option. The most important components of your car will be covered. If you drive a lot you are increasing the wear and tear on your car so it will be more likely to have a mechanical breakdown. A bumper-to-bumper warranty is the best tier of coverage for you in this case.

Choosing a Powertrain Plus Extended Warranty

This is the second tier of coverage at Chaiz. It offers less coverage than the bumper-to-bumper option and is slightly less expensive. If you feel you drive less than someone who covers a great distance in their car this would be a good option for you. It is slightly better coverage than a standard powertrain extended warranty.

Choosing a Powertrain Warranty

If you find you don’t cover excessive mileage in your car, the powertrain extended warranty will work well for you. It is the cheapest option with the least comprehensive coverage and is the third tier of coverage we offer at Chaiz.

The Additional Perks of an Extended Warranty

There are additional perks that come with some of our extended car warranties on Chaiz. These are roadside assistance, a tire changing service and fuel delivery. If your car breaks down more than 100 miles from your home your accommodation costs will be covered by your extended warranty. These extra perks make choosing a third-party provider for your warranty a good idea. Some car manufacturers don’t offer as good a deal as third-party warranty providers.

Answering the Question: How Often Do People Buy Cars?

We have asked how often do people buy new cars? We have found out that according to CNBC, people buy on average 9.4 new cars in their lives. To answer the question: how often do people buy cars from the same company? Many car owners get hooked on one car make/manufacturer and will stick with the same car company that made the car. How often do people buy cars statistics show that we buy fewer cars in our lifetime than in pre-recession days.

Ensure your car has an extended warranty when the manufacturer/factory warranty is due to expire or invest in an extended warranty when you buy a used car. This way you can save up to thousands of dollars when you run into mechanical breakdowns and your repairs will be covered.

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