How much does drive axle repair cost?

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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January 24, 2022
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There are few things one wants to deal with repairing, particularly the drive axel as axle repair costs can be on the high side.  Parts alone can range between $100 and $950 while labor can get up to $200 depending on the amount of time the mechanic needs to spend on the vehicle.

Indeed, not something you will need to be replacing every month or even every year. This type of repair or replacement is usually once and maybe twice in the car’s lifespan. However, they do occur spontaneously and you are less likely to be prepared for such an event. We are going to explore this further and look at extended car warranties and vehicle service contracts that may save you thousands of dollars. So let’s jump into what a drive axle is and how much a drive axle repair might cost.

What is a car axle?

The front and rear axles are extremely important to the car. The axles are rods that connect the wheels with the prime purpose of transferring power from the transmission to the wheels. It is what allows the wheels to move. The axles also serve to carry the weight of the vehicle and its passengers. A damaged drive axle can clearly lead to serious issues for the car and be unsafe to drive. The control you have of your vehicle when the axles are damaged is much less, meaning that an accident is far more likely.

What are Axle Repair Costs?

Depending on whether you need the front or rear axle repaired the cost can vary. The front axle is generally cheaper than the rear axle but there may also be times where the whole system needs a replacement. The vehicle you are driving will also determine the total cost. However there are average costs that one can expect with your standard city cars.

In the end, having all the facts only helps you in the event of something unforeseen. Axle repair is essential if your car needs it as without it the car will simply not go where you need it to. Whether you have the potential to save for such an event or you require the offering of vehicle service contracts, it is always best to stay on the safe side.

What is a Vehicle Service Contract?

An extended car warranty is an extension on your car warranty offered by the vehicle manufacturer, while a vehicle service contract are plans that cover the most critical components of your vehicle in the event of a mechanical breakdown offered by third-party providers. Basic plans sit on the most basic tier of warranty options and ensure that all of the parts within your car’s powertrain will be covered. These parts include:

The most comprehensive plans, also known as best coverage plans, cover the same parts as the basic plan but then include electrical components, the fuel system, A/C, cooling systems, and more. Sometimes referred to as an exclusionary plan due to having fewer parts not covered than those covered. Components typically excluded are very few and include:

There is also the option of a middle tier plan called the basic plus plan. They offer slightly more affordable coverage than the best coverage plan and cover a few more components and adjacent systems than the basic plans.

Is a Vehicle Service Contract Worth It?

An extended car warranty or vehicle service contract is meant to cover your car for repairs and labor in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Which means you do not have to fork out hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not only will you have the savings and peace of mind that you are covered but also the extra perks that come with many of these plans. The perks include roadside assistance, towing services, and fuel delivery services. Use the Chaiz search tool to discover the best vehicle service contract for you and your car.

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