Favorite Car Colors in the USA in 2021

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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March 24, 2022
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Everyone has a personal preference for their favorite car colors. We will look at the favorite colors in 2021. We will look at research on favorite car colors in the USA. We will also look at what are the favorite car colors for new car buyers? White, gray, black and silver continue to be favorite car colors in the USA in 2021. Kelly Blue Book has done research on favorite car colors in the USA, which we will look into.

Car Color Affects the Resale Value of Your Car

The color you choose for your car does affect the resale value. The most popular car color today may not be in 5 years time. If you choose the wrong color it could depreciate the worth of your car. This is where we ask: What are the favorite car colors for new car buyers? For instance, the 2021 Hyundai Sonata has “Glowing Yellow” as one of its color offerings. It’s extremely bright and may not be preferable in the pre-owned market in years to come if you are the kind of driver that doesn’t want to make a statement.

Research on Favorite Car Colors in the USA

In a PPG study, gray came above white as popular car colors for SUVs.

What Are the Favorite Car Colors for New Car Buyers for SUVs?

  1. Gray
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Silver
  5. Blue
  6. Red
  7. Green
  8. Gold, Beige, Orange & Brown (tied)

It seems the traditional colors: Gray, white, black and silver rank as favorite car colors in 2021 for SUVs. The resale value on these colors will be good. Gold, beige, orange and brown rank as the least favorite car colors for SUVs in the USA in 2021. It will be harder to sell an SUV in these colors as they are less well-loved overall and stand out more.

What are the Favorite Car Colors for New Car Buyers of Sedans, Hatchbacks and Wagons?

In midsize vehicles, the category includes sedans, hatchbacks and wagons. Similar colors dominate popularity. According to the PPG study, white in solid and metallic colors accounts for the favorite color accounting for 21,5% of buyers buying these sedans, hatchbacks and wagons in white.

The favorite car colors in 2021 for Sedans, Hatchbacks and Wagons, is as follows:

  1. White
  2. Gray
  3. Black or Blue
  4. Silver
  5. Red
  6. Beige/Gold
  7. Orange

The top 4 favorite car colors in this category will offer cars with a high resale value as they are generally likable colors to pre-owned vehicle buyers. Red, beige, gold and orange rank towards the bottom of Research on favorite car colors in the USA in 2021. Cars in these colors may depreciate in value over time as they are less well-loved and bolder.

Choosing a Car Color According to the Favorite Car Colors in the USA in 2021

This is a good idea. The top car colors for SUVs and then mid-size vehicles will be worth buying into as the resale value of these more neutral and popular colors is high. That is why it was a good idea to look at this research.

After You Have Chosen Your Car Color Attend to Your Car Coverage

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