Car Suspension Replacement Cost

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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April 5, 2022
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Your vehicle has a suspension system in it made up of shock absorbers and struts plus other linkages as well as bearings reducing the friction between your tires and the road. The suspension adds stability and smoothness to the ride. A suspension issue makes driving less stable as well as unsafe and affects handling. Most often you can feel issues with your shock absorbers or even struts from behind the wheel. Your car may veer to the side which indicates a suspension issue. If your car is on a level surface but leans heavily in one direction this is also a sign your suspension needs attention. We will look at car suspension replacement cost and high mileage car suspension replacement. We will also look at the example of a Lincoln Town Car air suspension replacement to get an idea of costing.

Car Suspension Replacement Cost

It’s difficult to give an exact number on car suspension replacement cost. High mileage car suspension replacement is necessary. The greater the mileage, the more wear and tear on your suspension and you will need to replace it or fix it. Your vehicle’s make and model play a role in car suspension replacement cost. Luxury cars like BMW or Jaguar will cost almost double. The cost is also affected by the labor costs, the parts needed and damage to the area.

The 4 Most Costly Suspension Replacement Jobs

We will look into the 4 most costly suspension replacement jobs in the States.

1. Replacing Shock Absorbers and Struts

Shock as well as strut repairs hinder your car from veering to the side and reduces friction. You should check your vehicle for wear and tear every 50, 000 to 60, 000 miles. This may deem necessary what is known as high mileage car suspension replacement. 4 shock absorbers in a set costs approximately $1, 400. This will rise if you have a luxury car. Most people take their car in to a mechanic for this job.

2. Ball Joint Replacement

A ball joint connects your car’s tire and wheel to the entire suspension system. Replacing one ball joint costs $200. A set (4 ball joints) costs around $1, 000. Certain cars have ball joints only in the front and certain cars have ball joints only in the back.

3. Spring Replacement Job

Spring repairs will affect bouncing, improve stability and make your drive more smooth. Depending on your car, on average a coil spring replacement costs around $390. The overall cost can change depending on your vehicle’s make and model and the extent of the damage and how many springs need replacing.

4. Total Car Suspension Replacement

You may need front and rear suspension repairs or a complete overhaul. In extreme situations your mechanic may suggest replacing the whole system due to structural damages. This may be due to wear and tear necessitating a high mileage car suspension replacement. If you have to replace the whole system it will cost you $3, 500 excluding labor.

Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension Replacement

We will look at a Lincoln Town Car air suspension replacement to get an idea of its cost on a specific car. According to RepairPal, the average cost for a Lincoln Town Car suspension air spring replacement is around $453 and $464 including labor. This is relatively expensive and shows you why having a Chaiz Vehicle Service Contract in place is a worthwhile idea.

Do You Need Breakdown Protection For Your Car?

The Chaiz marketplace allows drivers to compare quotes and choose the protection plan for their driving and financial needs. A vehicle service contract is frequently referred to as an extended car warranty, though they are actually slightly different. Extended car warranties can be purchased through the vehicle manufacturer while a vehicle service contract is offered by a third-party provider. The plans offer varying levels of coverage at affordable rates.

A vehicle service contract through Chaiz's comparison site covers most parts of the suspension replacement job. This way when you have a mechanical breakdown in your car you will have coverage for the repair bills. Chaiz offers a variety of vehicle service contracts offered by third-party warranty providers. Our comparison site is fully-online and no robocalls are involved. Use our search tool to find plans best suited to your needs at the rate best suited to your budget as well.

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