Are Honda Cars Reliable?

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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January 6, 2022
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side view of a honda with multi-colored lights reflecting off the car

Honda is a well-known brand name when it comes to cars. Offering a range of models for the petrol head to the daily commuter. Performing in a number of races as well gives Honda a high standing and holds a strong reputation. But are Honda cars reliable? Read on as we take a look at the history of Honda, reliability, and the most reliable models to consider.

The History of Honda

Honda was established in 1949 by co-founders Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. The first vehicle they debuted was the “Dream” D-type motorcycle. About 10 years later the first subsidiary of Honda outside Japan was opened in Los Angeles, USA. Making the first step into the hearts of the people of the USA.

Again 10 years passed with very successful sales of Honda motorcycles in the USA and introduced the American population to the Honda N600, the first Honda car sold in the USA. It was a time of exceptional growth for the company, pushing into all sectors of machines, including robotics.

How Reliable are Honda Cars?

Honda cars have been a symbol of durability and performance for many years. On Repair Pal the Honda brand boasts a very high rating, well above the average in terms of overall reliability. Honda produces around 14 million cars each year, with many older models still on the road today. Showing the reliability and longevity that Honda offers.

It’s a Good Idea to Invest in an Extended Warranty for Your Honda

As one of the most dependable cars that have maintained their reliability over time investing in a Honda is a good idea. And investing in the protection of your Honda is also a great idea. Extended car warranties are actually vehicle service contracts that are designed to protect your car similarly to that of a factory warranty. Except with a vehicle service contract, you get way more benefits and flexibility. An extended car warranty is a protection plan for parts and labor costs in the event of a mechanical breakdown. With wear and tear some mechanical failure is likely, even with the most reliable of cars and proper maintenance. Protect your Honda today.

Which Honda Cars are the Most Reliable?

The Honda car with the most reliability is the 2021 Honda HR-V giving you a 141-hp, four-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. The car is comfortable and offers a lot of space for road trips, shopping trips, or camping. And this car has wonderful fuel efficiency making it a great all-around car to have.

An unlikely candidate is the Honda Insight. This hybrid offers 54 mpg overall and is considered the most fuel economic Honda to have at the moment. Generating 151-hp with the combination of an electric motor and a four-cylinder 1.5 engine. A lovely sedan for a daily driver and weekend adventurer.

Currently, the most popular Honda with great reliability is the Honda CR-V. This compact SUV is perfect for parking in tight spots, traveling, and little outdoor living. The CR-V puts out 190-hp in a four-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. Comfortable on the inside and can be purchased as a hybrid.

The Perks of an Extended Car Warranty

Extended warranties have a few extra perks that make the purchase a little sweeter. Often mechanical failure can happen when you are on the road, and sometimes even very far away from home. The perks of an extended warranty, or vehicle service contract, will ensure that you get what you need quickly. Here are a few perks you can look forward to after your purchase of an extended car warranty with Chaiz:

Investing in a Honda Extended Warranty Makes Sense

The answer is a resounding yes. As we mentioned above, no matter how well you care for your car or how reliable the car is wear and tear eventually makes its mark on the car. Particularly, mechanical parts have a lot of wear and tear and are likely going to have to be repaired or replaced at some point. Take a look around and use the Chaiz search tool to find the best plan for you and your Honda. We aim to bring you the best in extended car warranty coverage and service.

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