A History of Ford and Top Ford Models to Buy in 2022

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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March 23, 2022
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Firstly, we will delve deeper into the founding of Ford. We will also look at the Ford latest models. We will come up with a Ford models list for the top 2022 releases. The Ford vehicle models have been updated from 2021 with upgrades in design, technology and engineering for an even better ride. The 2022 Ford models list shows new models that come in a range of colors for your choosing.

A new Ford comes with a 3 year or 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty as well as a 5 year or 60, 000 mile powertrain warranty. If your car is 5 years old, the factory warranty will have expired in 2021. You need to take note of this and figure out what to do next.

The History of Ford

Ford Motor Company, commonly referred to as Ford, is known as a USA multinational car manufacturer with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. The company was begun by Henry Ford in 1903. The car manufacturer sells cars and commercial vehicles under Ford and luxury vehicles under Lincoln. In 2021 Ford had 1, 905, 955 million US sales and made up 12.4% market share of US sales.

We will discuss the top Ford latest models below. The Ford vehicle models listed below give you an idea of the top new models of 2022. There are many more releases in 2022, but we will look at a top 7 list.

Top Ford Vehicle Models of 2022:

   1.  2022- Ford Maverick (a compact truck)

Of the Ford vehicle models, this release is fun and affordable and dubbed the North American Truck of the Year. You can customize this truck as you like, it has a spacious interior and superior technology.

   2.   2022- Ford Mustang (a performance-orientated coupe)

On the Ford models list this Mustang makes an impression! Mustangs derive their performance from enhanced handling, a top-performing engine and superior design. The 2022 Mustang Mach 1 and Mach 1 Premium are at the pinnacle of 5.0L performance.

   3.   2022- Ford Mustang Mach-E (an electric SUV)

With an iconic heritage, the Mustang Mach-E defines freedom. Enjoy 0-60 thrills, an expansive range and no tailpipe emissions, for a green choice.

   4.   2022- Ford F150 (a pick-up truck)

Of the Ford vehicle models, the 2022 Ford F-150 is designed to be tough and durable. It’s a merger of muscle, intelligence and superior design work. It has a military-grade aluminum-alloy body and high-strength steel frame, with upgraded technology for a better ride!

 5.   2022- Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid (a hybrid plug-in SUV)

Of the Ford latest models, this SUV has high-tech technology. The Sync 3 technology allows you to order pizzas, schedule business meetings or turn up the heater without taking your eyes off the road. It has folding, sliding seats and a comfortable interior.

   6.   2022- Ford Expedition (a 3-row SUV)

Enjoy a family adventure in this versatile car, excellent for on-roading and off-roading. Make memories with the family and enjoy superior technology in this legendary vehicle.

   7.   2022- Ford Bronco (off-road SUV)

Of the Ford models released in 2022, the Ford Bronco options make an impact! There are 2 editions of Ford Bronco in 2022. The Bronco Raptor is optimized for high-speed off-roading and the Bronco Everglades has various factory-installed accessories for the ultimate off-roading experience.

Make Sure You Have Auto Coverage for your Ford

Ensure you know when your Ford’s factory coverage expires. We suggest you choose the best extended auto coverage on Chaiz. Extended warranties are often referred to as vehicle service contracts. This is offered to by third-party warranty providers. You can choose auto protection that suits your needs by entering your car’s details onto our handy search tool. It will bring up top protection plans in seconds, for you to compare. The vehicle service contracts on offer are affordable and vary in price according to coverage level.

Having looked at the Ford models list top releases of 2022, it’s clear that there are some must-have vehicles on that list. If you have a Ford that is older than 5 years old, ensure you purchase coverage for it. Type in your Ford’s model and mileage onto the Chaiz search tool, and the top coverage options will appear in seconds. We have three tiers of coverage on Chaiz: bumper-to-bumper coverage or exclusionary coverage, powertrain plus coverage and powertrain coverage. Each tier varies in coverage level and price and descends in coverage level and price from the top option bumper-to-bumper to the lowest option: powertrain. We hope we have shed some light on the top 2022 Ford models, so you have an idea of the latest offerings Ford has.

Buy a vehicle service contract with Chaiz today and feel content knowing your car will be covered If you have a mechanical breakdown.

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