A History of BMW and the Top BMW Models to Buy in 2022

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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March 15, 2022
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We will look into the history and origins of BMW. We will also look at the top BMW 2022 models or BMW latest models. These BMW car models are new and improved from 2021 with additional features that make the latest models all the more appealing. These BMW models also come in a range of body color options for the buyer.

If you have a BMW that is 4 years old or near 50, 000 miles on the odometer your factory warranty will be due to expire. New BMWs come with a 4 year or 50, 000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and come with a powertrain warranty with the same specifics. If you have a 2018 model BMW your factory warranty will have expired in 2021. You will need to consider your next steps.

The History of BMW

More than 100 years ago Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, known as an aircraft engine maker, was born. It was renamed six years later as Bayerische Motoren Werke, or short for BMW. These three letters make up the name of the luxury car brand today. Its routes began in 1913, a time when Karl Friedrich Rapp created  Rapp Motoren Werke in Munich. He was a respected engineer at a German aircraft company, where  Rapp discovered these engines were problematic and vibrated excessively. As such, Rapp Motoren Werke took out a contract with Austro-Damier to manufacture V12 Aero engines for aircrafts.

The company became successful, with quick expansion, but eventually Rapp had to resign as a result of financial problems in 1916. At the same time, two Austrians, known as Franz Josef Popp and Maxx Friz took control of Rapp Motoren Werke. BMW’s first-ever product was a straight-six airplane engine called the BMW Illa. Aircraft engines, motorcycles manufacturing and automobiles manufacturing would be BMW’s main business until World War II. Its first logo with its signature blue and white was created in 1917. BMW is a popular and well-loved car brand today in the States and globally.

BMW 2022 models

We will look at the 11 BMW latest models. These are most of the main releases for BMW in 2022. These BMW car models are all being released in 2022 with various improvements on BMW models from years gone by.

The BMW 2022 models are as follows:

   1.   2022- BMW 3 SERIES

The 3 Series Sedan has always brought with it power and agility, and impact to its driver. With technology improvements and engineering finesse, these features are all the more pronounced in the 2022 model.

   2.   2022- BMW 4 SERIES GRAN COUPE

In this one of the latest BMW models, you will be seen, heard, and known. The sharp design and power of this car give it a strong presence.

   3.   2022- BMW 5 SERIES SEDAN

One of the best BMW car models is the 2022 edition of the BMW 5 Series Sedan with superior style and innovative qualities plus improvements in technology, engineering and body design, this car makes a statement!

   4.   2022- BMW 7 SERIES SEDAN

Another of the great BMW models- this car has superior standard as well as optional features, with the opportunity to have the BMW you have always wanted – just the way you like it.

   5.   2022- BMW 8 SERIES GRAN COUPE

This is one of the best BMW 2022 models with a sporty look and classic coupe design features, this car offers technology tailor-made for the sake of comfort and control.


This is one of the top BMW car models featuring superior design options, as well as standard BMW technology with safety features, meaning nothing will slow you down in this X2 adventure.

   7.   2022- BMW X3

This is one of the most dynamic BMW models, sporting a dynamic design, spacious interior, plus a body built to withstand challenges. This car is both sporty and agile and ideal for any adventure!

   8.   2022- BMW X4

This is one of the BMW latest models for 2022. The car has muscular curvature, embodies a powerful design and unique features. This car looks and feels athletic.

   9.   2022- BMW X5

This is one of the best BMW car models. It has advanced driving dynamics, powerful engineering and breathtaking design. This car goes the extra mile!

   10.  2022 BMW X6

This is one of the top BMW models with its turbocharged engine, superior handling. This car adds power and prestige to your driving experience.

   11. 2022 BMW X7

With this car the configuration and premium features add a sense of spacious comfort and the engineering ensures a smooth ride!

These BMW 2022 models all have improvements in style, design, manufacturing and technology making these models must-haves for drivers.

Ensure You Have Auto Coverage for your BMW

Having had a look at the 2022 releases for BMW it is clear there are 11 new models for this year that are worth looking into. If you already own a BMW that is older than 4 years, ensure you have coverage for it. We offer a variety of extended auto protection plans on Chaiz. The term vehicle service contract is often referred to as an extended warranty. These are offered to you by third-party providers on Chaiz.

You can buy your vehicle service contract on Chaiz. Simply input your BMW’s details onto our search tool and the top third-party warranties will appear. You can choose your coverage options according to your driving and financial needs. We offer three tiers of coverage: bumper-to-bumper plans, powertrain plus plans and powertrain plans. These vary in coverage level which in turn affects the price. We hope we have shared some facts about 2022 BMW releases, the rich history of BMW and the importance of having auto protection in place.

Get a vehicle service contract with Chaiz today for your BMW and ensure you are covered in the event of a breakdown when you need it most!
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