12 Ways to Customize Your Car

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
January 12, 2022
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front view of a customized bmw

Do you feel like enhancing your vehicle? We have 12 ways to customize your car so that once you’re done you will have added your own flair and personal touch. You will enhance the driving experience. With these enhancements and accessories, you will likely want to spend more time in your car. We will look at how to customize your car. With these handy tips and fun ideas you are guaranteed to improve your car altogether.

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Below are 12 Ways on How to customize your car.

1. Using Seat Covers

If you customize your car seats you instantly transform the interior of your car. You can buy seat covers in a store or have them made according to measurements. You can even get faux seat covers to cover your leather seats in your car. Choose the colors of your seat covers to stand out and make a statement. Bear in mind the color of your car’s bodywork. Make sure your seat covers match the body color. You can never go wrong with black seat colors and if it’s a two-toned seat cover choose one bold color to match your car if you like.

The benefit of getting seat covers when you first get your car is evident. The seat covers protect your seats from damage and wear and tear. They will protect your seat upholstery so it looks like new when you remove the covers. If you have kids that sit in the back seats and they eat snacks in the car, the car covers act as protection from spills and crumbs. This is one of the best ways to customize your car.

2. Customized Upholstery

One of the ways to customize your car is with custom upholstery. You may want to do this instead of using seat covers and show off the original seats with new upholstery. Auto upholsterers can use leather kits, sometimes suited to the car’s year, model and make. Customized leather upholstery can look great, especially if yours is worn or torn already. The leather looks good in traditional black but there are other colors to choose from.

The upholstery can also be redone in a new fabric in a color of your choosing. There are many colors to choose from. You don’t have to own a show car to get your seats reupholstered. The fresh-looking seats will look good in any car. If you have a show car and you want a custom interior that will work or if you want the original factory look of your classic car that will work too. The upholstery can be done in suede, leather, tweed and fabric. This is one of the ways of how to customize your car.

3. Dashboard Covering

If your dashboard is looking worse for wear, has faded due to sun damage we have an idea of how you can customize it. Or if you want to personalize or modify your dashboard this idea will work for you. Certain companies offer hydrographic printing. You can choose a design that will be applied to your dashboard to make a statement and look aesthetically pleasing.

Hydrographic printing or water transfer printing helps patterns and designs be applied to an object shape. If an object can hold a base coat and thereafter be submerged in water, like dashboards and hunting equipment then you can customize them this way. The dashboard is cleaned, buffed and a base coat applied, then rinsed, dried and applied with a clear coat. You can choose the pattern or design seen.

4. Steering Wheel Covering

If your steering wheel looks worn or faded, take this opportunity to cover it up with a steering wheel cover. You can customize your car in this way. You can go all out with a pink fluffy cover if that suits you, or a more elegant look with a wood effect, leather or cashmere option. The benefit of a cover is it will take away the chilly edge of the steering wheel in your hands in winter.

The plus side of fitting a steering wheel cover is it can hide a tired looking steering wheel and liven it up with color or elegance. We recommend investing in a steering wheel cover as soon as you get your car. Just like seat covers, a steering wheel cover protects the steering wheel from wear and tear as it is a very well-used item in your car. It will also protect your steering wheel from fading or sun damage.

5. Better Sound System

Installing a quality sound system in your car improves the driving experience immensely, and it’s worth investing in. It will probably mean you will want to hold onto your car for longer due to enjoying great sound when out on the road. The new head unit must be able to power the new, quality speakers. You will need an amplifier that can power the speakers. If you want more bass you can also add powered subwoofers, however, adding an amplifier as well as subwoofers makes things more flexible. A subwoofer amplifies the bass on the songs you will be listening to.

There are various makes of sound systems, speakers and subwoofers on the market. The car sound technician shop that you get to install your sound system for your car, will advise on the best options suited to your specific car. If you have an older car it is also nice to invest in a new, high-tech sound system that provides crisp quality sound. This is a good idea on how to customize your car.

6. New Gear Stick

One of the fun ways to customize your car is to buy and add a new gear stick. You can make it look bling or elegant. You can even buy a newer version of the original one you had, but with it being new it will look fresh and up-to-date in your car. A custom gearstick adds color, luxury and style. You could choose a metal gearstick, some with partial leather inserts.

You can also get a weighted gear stick. When this type of gear stick is moved in gears, the greater mass of the knob generates extra momentum when traveling. You could choose a custom gear stick with a built-in push-button. By pushing the button, you could switch on a nitrous boost, stop spark timing, turn on custom overdrive gears or operate a transmission brake. A real wood grain gear stick looks classic too.

7. Car mats

Investing in new car mats adds appeal to your car and is a fun idea on how to customize your car. Car mats add a personal touch to the look and feel and overall aesthetic of your car. You can get your creative juices flowing with color and style ideas. You can go wild by getting your favorite actors and actresses on your car mats or favorite characters. Or even a landscape like a sunset on a beach on your car mats.

Certain companies that sell car mats offer an option for you to design your own car mat and they make it up for you which sounds fun. You can also get premium quality mats like those made in Switzerland specific to your model. Woven mats are available made from polypropylene carpet sometimes in oriental or leopard print. You also get recycled all-weather textile mats. These are some of the top options of floor mats.

8. New Pedals

A fun way to customize your car is to add new foot pedals in your car. Brighten up your accelerator with these racing sport pedals, or if you’re feeling extravagant have the Swarovski crystal-encrusted ones instead! Car pedals can be made from rubber, plastic, ABS, metal and PET making them durable. Car pedals can come in sets for various foot placements. Pedals are temperature resistant, heat resistant, they have non-slip capabilities, they are waterproof and anti-dust. Adding a new brake pedal will ensure a better grip for your foot particularly if your old pedal was worn, so they add an improved safety element too.

You can choose traditional metal colors or something brighter like red or green to add life to your car’s interior. So far, you have been adding various elements to tie the car together. A color theme will work well for you so stick to colors that complement one another on the various other customizations you have done.

9. A Fragrance to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Having a fragrance in your car that appeals to you and your passengers makes for a better ride! There are so many fragrances on the market for you to choose from. From tropical to rain forest to vanilla. Cartridge-based air fresheners work well. One cartridge lasts months. It comes with a cartridge holder and vents you can open more for a stronger scent.

A traditional hanging air freshener, traditionally a scented piece of cardboard works well too coming in different scents. A Yankee Candle Car Jar works well, particularly if you smoke in your car. With different scents you can choose your favorite candle jar. An air vent clip air freshener still is a good choice too, with a choice of scents. You can’t go wrong when you customize your own car with a fragrance.

10.  New Tires

Getting new tires for your car is always a treat and a worthwhile way to customize your own car. If you are in an area that snows, it would be worthwhile getting winter tires put on your car. You could also invest in tire chains. Make sure you know how to fit them to your tires. Winter tires have deeper tread grooves that increase safety and traction for conditions.

Getting new tires when your tread is too low, improves your driving safety. New tires last 50,000 – 60,000 miles on average. It increases your performance, adds better gas mileage. Driving on new tread uses optimal gas. Your traction is enhanced. You will feel better handling in your car, particularly on corners and have an overall better driving experience. If there is excessive wear and tear and damage to your old tires it’s a good idea to customize your car with new ones. Some people choose larger tires as they say the traction is better and the car looks better too. Get advice on tire size from your tire fitment store. It’s worth customizing your car with new tires.

11.  Personalized Number Plate

You can customize your car by adding a personalized number plate. This adds your personal flair to your car and makes it more your own and a part of your identity. You can put your name, your nickname, a humorous phrase, something to do with your brand or business. You can easily spot someone with a personalized number plate. If you add your brand name to your number plate you can add a wrap to your car with your business’s details and logo too. We will discuss this in more detail below.

12.  A Wrap for your Car

You can add a wrap to your car as discussed that shows off your business and logo. A wrap can work out cheaper than a paint job. A vinyl wrap is made from quality car wrap film in over two hundred finishes and colors. They are adhesive-backed and just need to be applied. They are also available in many solid color options or other finishes like gloss, carbon fiber, satin, shade shifter, chrome, metallic and matte. Choose a unique color that fits into your color scheme that suits you.

Customizing Your Car is a Good Idea

Overall, it can be seen that with these 12 ways to customize your car, you can really transform it so you will have a better driving experience. Your car will also look better and more fresh! It’s definitely worth your while to customize your own car.

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