When To Check Your Wheel Alignment and Rotate Your Tires

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
March 14, 2022
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close up of the bottom of a car with the tire turned outward

When it comes to maintaining your car, it’s important to keep up to date with your car’s tire rotation and wheel alignment. At certain time intervals you will need to take your car for a wheel alignment service. You will need to get a full 4 wheel alignment. We will also look at wheel alignment cost and tire rotation cost.

It’s also important to note when your factory warranty is due to expire. If that’s happening soon, we recommend investing in an extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract which means the same thing. Chaiz offers you a fully-online marketplace where you can search for top third-party warranties in a matter of seconds. You won’t be bothered by robocalls or need to phone around to gather quotes.

Tire Rotation Explained

Tire rotation promotes even wear and tear on your tires. Whether your car is a Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) or Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD) the tire tread won’t wear equally. FWD vehicles add the force of the engine to the front wheels so the front two will wear more quickly. RWD adds force to the rear ties, and they will wear more quickly. After 6, 000 to 7, 000 miles you need a tire rotation. A car mechanic will change the front tires with the back tires. Tire rotation has a predictable time frame unlike wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment Service Explained

A 4 wheel alignment ensures your wheel’s orientation is in line with the steering wheel. So, your car will drive straight and not veer off to either side. A wheel alignment service adjusts the angle of your vehicle’s axles and wheels. Wheel alignment is not a regular service for a car. You will need an alignment after an accident, hitting a pothole or other extreme circumstances. You should have a professional check your wheels at every 10, 000-mile interval to make sure nothing is wrong.

It’s important to keep up the maintenance of your car with tire rotation and wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment cost and Tire Rotation Cost

Wheel alignment cost for a 4 wheel alignment is around $200. Tire rotation cost is around $24 to $50 and sometimes higher depending on where you get it done. There are dedicated tire dealerships in the States that offer these services and they will differ in price sometimes according to the area they are situated in and make and model of car.

Choosing an Extended Warranty with Chaiz

Once you have attended to your tire rotation and wheel alignment, make sure your coverage is in order. There are three tiers of warranties available on Chaiz. These are known as the bumper-to-bumper warranty, powertrain plus warranty and powertrain warranty.

A bumper-to-bumper warranty is also called exclusionary coverage and is the most expensive form of coverage as well as being the most comprehensive option. This would suit a driver that drives far in their car and would have greater wear and tear on the vehicle. The car would be more likely to break down. This covers most of the important components of your car between the front and rear bumper.

The second tier of coverage is the powertrain plus extended warranty. This offers slightly less coverage at a slightly cheaper rate. It would suit a driver that travels mid-range distances in their car and would be slightly less likely to break down than a person who drives far in their car.

The third tier of coverage is the powertrain warranty. This is the least comprehensive coverage at the cheapest rate. You would suit this coverage if you don’t travel far in your car. The wear and tear on your vehicle would be less and the car would be less likely to break down.

Are There Extra Perks That Come With a Chaiz Warranty?

Some of the warranties offered by the third-party warranty providers on Chaiz offer extra perks.

These will include:

It’s Wise to Attend to Your Tire Rotation, Wheel Alignment and Warranty coverage

It’s important to keep up to date with tire rotation and wheel alignment so your tires wear evenly. Keeping up with wheel alignment and tire rotation promotes tire longevity. It’s also wise to ensure you have an extended warranty/ Vehicle Service Contract in place so you are covered when you break down. Chaiz makes finding an extended warranty simple and convenient for you so you can drive with peace of mind that you will be covered when you break down. You can save thousands on repair bills with an extended warranty in place.

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