When to Change Snow Tires

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
Vehicle Service Contract Specialist, Traveler, Car Enthusiast
March 2, 2022
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two tires, one on the car and one on its side on the floor

Soon enough the end of winter will be here and it will be time to get the car ready for sunny spring. But when is the right time to switch out your snow tires? In this article we are going to talk about when to change snow tires and what other maintenance to consider for springtime prep.

Snow Tires

Snow tires offer certain advantages as they are designed specifically for driving on snow and ice. Typically driving in these conditions causes the driver to have less control and increases the likelihood of the car getting stuck or sliding off the road. Snow tires are slightly softer and have a different tread that is suited to gaining traction in snowy or icy conditions. The tires are made to withstand temperatures below 45°F.

Changing the Tires in Spring/Summer

Ensuring that you have the right tires on for the weather could help to save you money by assisting in fuel economy. The softer rubber used for snow tires is not ideal for warmer weather as they tend to wear down quicker. So the best thing to do is change to warm weather tires or 3 season tires that work well into fall before changing to snow tires for winter.

You will need to following tools to change the tires at home:

Changing your tires at home can be a fun project if you are hands-on type of person but it is not necessary. You can take your car to a shop to have the tires changed. Many people use professional services to rotate their tires as well. The best time to change your tires is after your last frost date. Look up your area’s last frost date and prepare to make the change about a week after that date.

What to Keep in Your Car

There are a few things you should always have in the car with you. These are tools that will ensure you get service quickly as well as allow you to stay safe while you wait for people to arrive. Here are our important items to keep in the car:

What are Extended Car Warranties?

Extended car warranties are in fact vehicle service contracts offered by third-party providers, such as those here at Chaiz. When you buy a new car you get a factory warranty that covers the car in the event of a mechanical breakdown. An extended warranty or vehicle service contract, does the same thing and covers against mechanical breakdowns while offering optional coverage add-ons and perks.

Extended car warranties offered on Chaiz give you the choice of three different warranty types. This is the powertrain plan, powertrain plus plan, and the bumper-to-bumper or “most comprehensive” plan. Most of these plans come with great perks such as roadside assistance or trip interruption where your accommodation is covered if you break down 100 miles or more away from home.

Should I Get an Extended Car Warranty with Chaiz?

If you have come to the end of your factory warranty it is likely time to look into an extended car warranty. Not having a warranty in place means that any mechanical failures will have to be paid out of pocket, including services such as towing. Not to fear, there are options, and affordable ones at that, right here on Chaiz. Through the Chaiz search tool you can input your car’s details and the top third-party providers will pop up. Each plan has a more detailed tab if you want extensive information on the plan. Otherwise you can request a call back. We only call when you ask, no robocalls or pressure to purchase here at Chaiz.

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