What Should You Do When Your Car Warranty Expires?

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
December 7, 2021
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When you purchase your car new from a dealership it comes with a standard factory warranty. The length of time that a factory warranty lasts in terms of time and mileage covered is different for each car make. Some cars have a longer factory warranty period than others. The question is what to do before your car warranty expires? We would encourage you to invest in an extended warranty after your factory warranty expires. An extended warranty is another term for a Vehicle Service Contract and means the same thing. It offers varying levels of coverage for your car.

Chaiz marketplace offers you a handy search tool where you can type in your car’s details and it will produce a list of quotes from top third-party warranty providers, so you can choose your favorite option. We will delve deeper into why you should be prepared for the future with an extended car warranty.

When Does My Car Warranty Expire?

A factory warranty differs per car. It may include a powertrain warranty, maintenance plan, corrosion, emissions coverage, which is all dependent on your make and model. Your car factory warranty expires at a certain date that is linked to a certain number of months or miles whichever milestone you reach first.

So, you will need to know, when does my car warranty expire? Where can you find the necessary details? The document you signed on purchase of your car, as well as your car brand’s website will give you the relevant information that you need.

Checking When Your Car Factory Warranty Expires Via the VIN Number

Another way to check when your car factory warranty expires is to locate your vehicle’s VIN number. A VIN Number is a Vehicle’s Identification Number. This will be on your registration or insurance card, car title, and inside the driver’s door.

Once you have got hold of your car’s VIN number contact the services department that has been servicing your car and ask them to check on your warranty expiry date by VIN. Once you know the date it expires you can plan ahead for the route you would like to take.

What Should You Do Before Your Car Warranty Expires?

Once you know your factory warranty’s expiration date you can plan ahead. Hop onto the Chaiz platform and input your car’s details. According to your car’s age mileage, it will bring up some warranty options. Then you can make a selection from the warranty plans that will be listed for you. You will have the option of choosing a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty or a powertrain extended warranty.

Choosing Your Type of Extended Warranty

A bumper-to-bumper warranty or exclusionary coverage offers more comprehensive coverage and is more expensive than a powertrain warranty that offers less coverage. If you drive your car a lot and rack up a lot of mileage in a year we recommend buying a bumper-to-bumper warranty as your car will be more likely to encounter mechanical issues due to high wear and tear throughout the year.

If you don’t drive far, we recommend a powertrain warranty that offers less coverage as well as being cheaper. After you have chosen the extended warranty you would prefer you can compare them on our platform. The prices vary per warranty provider due to coverage levels for your car.

What are the Added Perks of an Extended Warranty with Chaiz?

A lot of the extended warranties or Vehicle Service Contracts on the Chaiz platform include additional benefits like towing services, gas delivery, roadside assistance and a tire change service. If your car breaks down more than 100 miles away from your home, your accommodation costs will be covered by your extended warranty. All of these perks prove to be extremely handy specifically when your car breaks down and you need assistance. Most of our extended warranty plans provide these perks, but some don’t.

Why is it Important to Invest in an Extended Warranty After Your Factory Warranty Expires?

You need to know what to do before your car warranty expires. You must plan ahead so when it does expire, you can immediately purchase an extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract. This means your car will be covered in the case of a mechanical breakdown. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars that you would have had to pay on your own, had you not purchased an extended warranty that will cover the repair costs.

Knowing when your car’s factory warranty expires prepares you for when you need to purchase your extended warranty plan. With the Chaiz search tool we make this process very easy. Once you have searched for your specific car’s extended warranty plan you can proceed to the purchase platform. Our system is easy to navigate and secure.

Ensure you know when your car factory warranty expires, so you can immediately purchase an extended warranty to give you driving peace of mind- Chaiz makes this process simple!

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