What is the Warranty on a Kia?

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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December 8, 2021
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Are you looking at a Kia and want to know more about the warranty offerings? You have come to the right blog, here we explore what Kia manufacturer warranties provide as well as what extended Kia warranties are available. In the long run, a car warranty is there to protect your car against further damage and your portfolio from hefty repair bills.  Kia is quite progressive in their manufacturer warranties which have been attracting customers for a few years now. So let’s jump into the question: what is a warranty on a Kia?

What are the Kia car warranty options?

We mentioned above, Kia is rather out there with the options they have available to their customers. The manufacturer warranty is given out with each new purchase of a Kia vehicle. While the extended Kia warranty is something you take out when your manufacturer warranty comes to an end or you are purchasing a previously owned vehicle. For the extended warranty plans you have the options of seeing what the manufacturer has on offer or to seek out third-party warranty providers. These providers often have extra benefits and more flexible plans versus going through a dealership. But what does each option actually offer?

Kia Manufacturer Warranty

When a new vehicle is purchased from Kia/Kia dealership a car warranty is included in the purchase. The standard manufacturer warranty that Kia offers is the 10 years or 100,000-mile program. This warranty plan consists of the following:

You have the option to opt for the bumper-to-bumper warranty, the limited basic warranty, which lasts 5 years or 60,000 miles, or the powertrain warranty which lasts 10 years or 100,000 miles. The basic powertrain warranty plan covers the engine, transmission, and axles in case of a mechanical breakdown as per the terms and conditions. The more comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty plan includes other items that are covered on top of the powertrain items, such as the oil pump, water pump, electrical systems, cooling systems, and fuel pump.

Kia Manufacturer Extended Warranty

Unlike other automakers, Kia does not really have any options available for an extended warranty of some kind. You only have two choices when it comes to a Kia. One is to go through a dealership where they arrange the extended warranty known as a vehicle service contract on your behalf or you can search through third-party warranty providers and choose one that works for you and not the dealership.

Kia Third-Party Extended Warranty

When it comes to the third-party warranty plans on the market you will find a decent range on offer for various Kia cars. These plans are often available in a few different tiers so you are able to pick one that is best suited to your needs, driving frequency, and budget.

Along with flexible terms, third-party warranties give you access to many additional benefits to the terms of service. You get extras like towing services, fuel delivery, trip interruption, and 24/7 roadside assistance to name just a few. All this at truly affordable rates.

Is a Kia Extended Warranty Worth it?

There are two reasons to have an extended car warranty. The first, to have the peace of mind that your car is protected in the event of a mechanical breakdown. And second, if you are a frequent driver or regular long-distance driver because the wear and tear of the vehicle will inevitably lead to repairs.

Repair costs for a Kia can range between $200 and $2,500 depending on the part that has been damaged and the extent of that damage. There are some instances a full part replacement may be in order or a whole system replacement. Mechanical issues tend to happen sporadically. If you do not have the option to keep upwards of $1,000 for unforeseen car repair bills, then yes I would certainly say it is worth investing in an extended car warranty.

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