What is Covered in a Jeep Powertrain Warranty?

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
October 25, 2021
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Whether you use your Jeep for off-roading or just to drive to the supermarket, it’s good to know your vehicle has coverage in the event of a mechanical breakdown. In this article, we will find out exactly what’s covered in a Jeep powertrain warranty as well as the benefits of a Jeep vehicle service contract. Firstly, we will uncover what’s covered in a factory warranty and then we will delve deeper into the perks of purchasing an extended Jeep powertrain coverage plan from a third-party provider.

We offer you the perfect marketplace to search for your specific Jeep details to answer the question, what does Jeep powertrain warranty cover? Our search tool will bring up the top providers where you can choose the best warranty rate for your needs.

What is a Jeep Factory Warranty?

When you purchase a new vehicle the car is sold with the factory warranty. The warranty covers the vehicle for mechanical breakdowns within a certain mileage or for a certain number of years. Jeep is covered by the parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. They offer a decent coverage package at the original purchase which includes a powertrain warranty. 

The Jeep warranty covers your car regarding defects in parts and workmanship throughout the first few years of owning your Jeep. 

What is Covered by a Jeep Powertrain Limited Warranty?

The powertrain warranty covers parts and labor for parts of the engine, the transmission, the axle and the transaxle areas. This form of coverage covers front-wheel-drive as well as rear-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive Jeeps.

What isn’t Covered by a Jeep Powertrain Limited Warranty?

Parts and services that are excluded by this warranty are as follows:

What is the Cost of Jeep Repairs?

Once your factory warranty comes to an end, the entire repair bill is on you to cover. It has been noted that the average annual repair cost on a Jeep is $634 which is quite high when you rank this rate next to other car brands. This is excluding any towing fees, rental car fees, and other secondary expenses. 

Why Should You Use Chaiz to Find Your Third-Party Vehicle Service Contract Provider?

If you enter your Jeep’s details: make, model, age and mileage onto our Search tool, the top warranty providers for the powertrain warranty or Vehicle Service Contract you are looking for, will be provided. Our marketplace offers price comparisons, so you won’t have to phone around to get separate quotes. We will generate the top warranty provider quote comparisons for you. Our providers offer an easy payment platform with a fixed monthly fee. We also offer roadside assistance as part of the warranty deal so you can get help should your Jeep break down or a journey.

What is the Cost of a Jeep Powertrain Extended Warranty?

We would like to use the example of a Jeep powertrain warranty 2014 to show you what a warranty for this year’s model will cost. For example, if you want a 2014 Jeep Cherokee powertrain plan and you input your details into our search tool, the top powertrain warranties for your specific car will be compared.

If you search for a Jeep Cherokee 2014, 4 Cylinder Sport Utility 2.39L and you have 87,600 on the odometer, the average cost of a Powertrain Enhanced extended auto protection plan from our top third-party providers is $60 a month for the specific car, a 2014 Jeep Cherokee powertrain plan.

A Jeep powertrain plan 2014 is affordable extended protection to invest in, especially considering one breakdown can cost a hefty amount should you have to fork out your own money because you didn’t invest in a Jeep extended vehicle protection. Overall it’s wise to make sure your Jeep is covered.

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