What is an Infiniti Powertrain Warranty?

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
February 15, 2022
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Whether you use your Infiniti for long journeys or short trips to the mall it’s good to know what it’s covered for should your car break down. We will answer the question: what is covered under the Infiniti powertrain warranty? When your factory warranty expires we recommend investing in an extended warranty with Chaiz. This is another term for a Vehicle Service Contract which means the same thing. Infiniti powertrain warranty covers certain components of your car which we will discuss in more detail.

If you insert your Infiniti’s details onto our search tool, you will get a list of top third-party warranty provider quotes. The Infiniti warranty choices offered by these third-party providers is optimal for your needs and certain warranties come with extra perks which we will discuss in more detail. Getting an extended Infiniti powertrain warranty is a wise idea.

What is Covered under Infiniti Powertrain Warranty at a Factory Warranty Level?

New Infiniti cars come with a 6-year or 70, 000 mile Infiniti Powertrain Limited Warranty. Infiniti powertrain warranty coverage includes the headings engine, the transmission and transaxle, drivetrain and the restraint system.

The Infiniti Powertrain Factory Warranty Components That Are Covered in More Detail

The engine includes the: cylinder heads and the block as well as internal parts, the rocker covers and oil pan, valve train and its front cover, timing chain and the tensioner, the oil pump, the water pump and fuel pump, the fuel injectors, the intake and exhaust manifolds, the flywheel, seals and gaskets.

The transmission and transaxle includes the: casing and internal parts, the torque converter and housing, the automatic transmission control module, the transfer case and internal parts, the seals, gaskets, clutch cover and housing, A/T cooler and electronic transmission controls.

The Drivetrain includes: the drive shafts, the final drive housing and internal parts, the propeller shafts, universal joints, the bearings seals and the gaskets.

The restraint system includes the airbags and related electronic-based control systems.

How Much Do Infiniti Repairs Cost?

According to RepairPal, Infiniti repairs costs per year are $638, which is almost as much as the industry average of $652. For this reason we would recommend investing in an Infiniti powertrain warranty. It covers less components than the higher tier, the bumper-to-bumper warranty or exclusionary coverage. It is cheaper than this option and covers certain critical components of your car. You may still wonder: what is covered under the Infiniti powertrain warranty? The key critical components of your car are covered as listed above. Investing in an extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract where the critical components of the areas mentioned in the factory warranty will be covered, is a wise idea.

Are there Extra Perks Available with Chaiz Infiniti Powertrain Warranties?

Input your Infiniti’s details onto the Chaiz search tool and the best powertrain warranty options will appear. You can make a selection on your choice of extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract that suits your needs and budget. Certain top third-party warranty providers offered on Chaiz come with extra perks.

These are known as:

With these extra perks you can set out on the road with confidence knowing that help is at hand 24/7.

How Much Does an Infiniti Q50 Powertrain Warranty Cost?

We will use the example of the cost of the popular Infiniti Q50 powertrain warranty to show you the pricing of the warranties offered on Chaiz. If you’re looking at the cost of an Infiniti Q50 powertrain warranty, we will look at a 2016 model with 70,000 miles on the odometer, as an example. An extended powertrain warranty for this car will cost around $60 a month. This is considered affordable and worth buying. This Infiniti powertrain warranty covers the crucial components of your car. Infiniti powertrain warranty coverage is worth purchasing on Chaiz. Especially because certain warranties offered have extra perks that add to your contentment on the road.

Why You Should Use Chaiz to Buy Your Infiniti Extended Warranty?

With your extended Infiniti powertrain warranty, you can sometimes enjoy extra perks while out on a journey. If your warranty has extra perks attached to it, help is a phone call away.  The Chaiz search tool makes finding an Infiniti powertrain warranty easy and fast. An extended Infiniti powertrain warranty covers certain critical components of your car which is just what you need when you have a mechanical breakdown. Be assured that you can save thousands on repair bills with an extended Infiniti warranty in place.

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