What is a BMW Extended Warranty?

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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November 4, 2021
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BMW’s new vehicle warranty is comprehensive but it does not last as long as many other manufacturer warranties. This is a good reason to consider purchasing a BMW extended warranty from a third-party provider. An extended car warranty, a colloquial term, is also known as a Vehicle Service Contract offered by third-party warranty providers. Chaiz’s marketplace offers the perfect place to search for top third-party warranty providers, also providing you with a price comparison from the different warranty providers.

What does the BMW Extended Car Warranty Offer?

The BMW-provided extended warranty offering provides you with three tiers of coverage, namely Powertrain Plus, Gold and Platinum. This is average coverage, however, some third-party warranty providers offer a more varied choice of offering with better coverage.

The BMW Powertrain Plus Extended Warranty

The BMW Powertrain Plus provides “limited coverage” of the major areas of the engine as well as transmission. The engine, the transmission, the fuel and cooling systems and the driving axle are components of the car that get limited coverage. The areas of the car identified for “comprehensive coverage” include the all-wheel-drive transfer case (applicable to all-wheel-drive cars) and the engine’s induction components.

The BMW Gold Extended Warranty

The Gold tier offers “comprehensive coverage” according to BMW for the engine, the transmission, the fuel and cooling system, the anti-lock brakes, the heating and the air conditioning. Electrical areas of the car get “limited coverage”. The audio, entertainment and navigation systems are not covered by this tier of BMW extended warranty.

The BMW Platinum Extended Warranty

The Platinum BMW extended warranty brings together all components covered in the first two tiers of plans and also includes coverage of the audio, entertainment as well as navigation systems. This tier of BMW extended warranty also includes coverage for vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Why Should You Use Chaiz to Find Your BMW Extended Warranty Provider?

Our marketplace makes it easy to find the best extended warranty for BMW vehicles according to your needs. The third-party providers that are listed on our marketplace offer much more variety in their plans and often include more benefits or add-ons than manufacturer extended warranties. By simply inputting your car specifics such as BMW, model and age, our Search tool will generate the best extended warranty for  BMW for you.

BMW Extended Warranty Cost

The cost of a BMW-provided extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract hinges on the car make and model. It has been noticed on various BMW fan forums that it costs $1,700 for an extra 1 year or 25,000 miles of Powertrain Plus coverage to in excess of $7,000 for a 3-year Platinum BMW Extended Service Contract. When you opt for a BMW extended warranty, you automatically get 24-hour roadside assistance. You will have to pay a $50 deductible for any covered repairs.

The Annual Repair Costs for BMW

The annual repair cost on a BMW is $968. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in an extended warranty for your BMW. Should your car experience a mechanical breakdown your repair costs will be covered by your warranty. Chaiz offers the perfect platform to search for your preferred extended warranty and allows you to compare quotes quickly and easily.

Benefits of a BMW Extended Warranty Offered by a Third-Party Provider Found on Chaiz

For example, if you own a BMW 228, year 2016 and you use our Search tool and input your car’s data with approximately 63,000 miles on the odometer, our platform will generate the top warranty providers for you. You can then choose the best BMW extended warranty.

If you use our Search tool to search for a BMW 228, year 2016 Exclusionary/”Bumper to Bumper” warranty if you travel roughly 12,600 miles a year it will cost around $132 a month. This is the most comprehensive coverage. If you use Chaiz to search for a BMW Powertrain Plus warranty for this example it will cost around $95 a month. This is slightly cheaper and less comprehensive. If you search for a basic powertrain warranty for BMW example it will cost around $86 a month. This is the cheapest option with the least coverage.

Best BMW Extended Warranty

Your question now remains, which is the best BMW extended warranty? It is clear that purchasing a warranty from a third-party provider can be more worthwhile than purchasing one from BMW itself. The extended warranties offered on Chaiz are cheaper and sometimes cover more components on your car. You can choose the exact tier of extended warranty you would like to purchase after the results have been generated on the Chaiz search tool.

Which BMW Extended Warranty Tier Should I Opt For?

The warranty providers we recommend offer a variety of tiers as mentioned. If you opt for the “Exclusionary” warranty or bumper-to-bumper BMW warranty the most coverage will be given for your car. Tier number 2: the “Powertrain Plus” warranty offers less coverage and is cheaper. Tier number 3 is the “Powertrain” warranty is the final tier and is the cheapest option with the least coverage.

The mileage you cover in a year will influence your decision. The greater the mileage you cover per year, will mean your wear and tear will be greater and you should probably choose the “Exclusionary warranty”. If you don’t drive too frequently, the “Powertrain” extended warranty should be sufficient. Overall it can be seen that using our Search tool is handy to compare warranty provider costs and coverage details.

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