Third-party Auto Warranty

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Casey Louw
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December 22, 2021
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A third-party auto warranty is also known as an extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract. A Vehicle Service Contract offers coverage for your car after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. A Vehicle Service Contract is entered into between the car owner and the third-party auto warranty provider. We will look into what is the best third-party auto warranty? We will also do a third-party extended auto warranty review to ascertain which is the best offering.

Chaiz offers you a fully-integrated online marketplace where you can search for the best third-party extended auto warranty. Input your car’s details onto our search tool and the top third-party extended auto warranty plans will appear within seconds. You can compare them for the best deal for your needs. Price varies according to coverage levels.

The Third-Party Auto Warranty Providers Offered to You by Chaiz

Chaiz offers a variety of vehicle service contracts or third-party auto warranties by several warranty providers. You can choose your third-party auto warranty based on your car’s make, mileage and your driving and financial needs or budget.

The warranty providers we offer on our site are well-known, reputable warranty providers, namely:

Each third-party auto warranty provider offers different levels of coverage which affects the price of the third-party auto extended warranty. Once you have entered your car’s details you can choose the best third-party auto warranty.

The Three Types of Third-party Extended Auto Warranty Plans

There are three types of third-party extended auto warranty plans brought to you by Chaiz and offered by third-party warranty providers. These are known as the bumper-to-bumper third-party auto warranty or exclusionary coverage, the powertrain plus third-party auto warranty and the powertrain auto warranty. You can also save thousands of dollars if you invest in a third-party auto warranty as your repairs will be covered. You can drive with peace of mind knowing your car is covered.

Third-party Extended Auto Warranty Review: Bumper-to-Bumper Auto Warranty

A bumper-to-bumper third-party auto warranty is a Vehicle Service Contract also known as exclusionary coverage. Bumper-to-bumper coverage is the most comprehensive form of coverage offered on Chaiz. If you use your car to drive great distances, a bumper-to-bumper auto warranty would be perfect for you! You will have greater wear and tear on your car and will be more likely to run into a mechanical breakdown. It would be ideal if you had a bumper-to-bumper extended auto warranty.

Third-party Extended Auto Warranty Review: Powertrain Plus Auto Warranty

A powertrain plus extended auto warranty offers slightly less coverage than a bumper-to-bumper auto warranty. It is also slightly less expensive. If you cover mid-range distances in your car this would be ideal for you.

Third-party Extended Auto Warranty Review: Powertrain Auto Warranty

The powertrain auto warranty offered on Chaiz is the least comprehensive coverage on offer. It suits a driver that doesn’t drive far and someone that wouldn’t have great wear and tear on their vehicle. You will be less likely to run into a mechanical breakdown. This is the cheapest form of coverage offered on Chaiz.

Are There Extra Perks Available With Your Third-party Auto Warranty on Chaiz?

Certain third-party warranty providers on Chaiz offer additional perks.

These perks are:

These perks can come in handy when you are out on the road.

Is it Worth Investing in a Third-party Auto Warranty?

Overall it can be seen that investing in a third-party auto warranty or Vehicle Service Contract is a good idea. You can save thousands on repair bills when your car has a breakdown. You can also go out on a drive with peace of mind knowing that your car is covered. Certain Chaiz warranties also come with additional perks, should you encounter any issues on your journey.

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