The Benefits of Buying Extended Car Warranties Online

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
December 6, 2021
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Extended car warranties are also known as Vehicle Service Contracts and offer varying levels of coverage for your car in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Any new car comes with a standard factory warranty that expires after a set amount of miles or years. These amounts vary per car brand. After the factory warranty expires you can invest in an extended car warranty. An extended warranty comes in two main tiers of coverage, known as the bumper-to-bumper warranty or exclusionary coverage or the powertrain warranty. We will discuss the types of coverage in more detail below.

Car warranties are typically associated with robocalls or phoning around to gather quotes and then the car owner makes a choice based on countless time-consuming phone calls. Chaiz offers you a seamless fully-online experience where you can compare your quotes online within seconds. The quotes are tailor-made to your specific vehicle. We offer four third-party warranty providers on our platform offering you warranties under three levels of coverage which will be explored in more detail as we go. You will be able to select the best extended car warranties or Vehicle Service Contracts on our easy-to-navigate system.

Buying Extended Car Warranties in a Traditional Sense Versus Online

Buying an extended warranty or Vehicle Service Contract for your car can be done in the traditional manner or online. The more traditional way of purchasing extended car warranties involves robocalls or phoning around to gather quotes to compare and then you can work out what’s more expensive.

Chaiz offers you a fully-integrated online marketplace to compare top third-party warranty providers. Simply input your car’s details on our search tool and compare quotes within seconds. We also offer an easy payment platform.

Our system doesn’t involve robocalls but you can request a call back from our sales team. The Vehicle Service Contracts we offer are at lower prices, with a choice of warranty providers sometimes with extra perks and more tiers of coverage. This is offered seamlessly online.

The Types of Extended Car Warranties Offered on Chaiz

There are three main tiers of coverage offered on Chaiz. These are known as a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty or exclusionary coverage, a powertrain plus extended warranty or a powertrain extended warranty.

Bumper-to-bumper extended warranties or exclusionary coverage offers the most comprehensive form of coverage and are the most expensive option. If you travel great distances in your car per year, the wear and tear will be greater, so the likelihood of a mechanical breakdown is higher. In this case we would recommend a bumper-to-bumper warranty or exclusionary coverage.

A powertrain plus extended warranty is the second tier of coverage and offers slightly less coverage than the bumper-to-bumper extended warranty. It is also slightly cheaper than that. This form of coverage would suit someone who drives mid-range distances in their car. So when a mechanical breakdown occurs, you will be covered.

A powertrain extended warranty is the third tier of coverage and is the least comprehensive option in terms of coverage but it is the cheapest option. This level of coverage would suit a driver that doesn’t drive too far in their car, and would be less likely to encounter a mechanical breakdown. From these options you can choose the best extended car warranties.

What’s covered in a Powertrain Plan?

Powertrain plans are the most basic form of coverage and the most affordable. Thes parts covered include:

What’s Covered in a Bumper-to-Bumper Plan?

Bumper-to-bumper plans or exclusionary coverage covers the same components as the powertrain warranty but also includes electrical components, the fuel system, A/C, and cooling systems.

Components typically not included in bumper-to-bumper plans are not a lot and include:

What’s Covered in a Powertrain Plus Plan?

A powertrain plus plan is the second most comprehensive coverage after exclusionary coverage. It falls in between exclusionary coverage and powertrain coverage. The coverage levels vary between third-party warranty providers on Chaiz. This in turn affects the price.

How do I Search for My Extended Car Warranty on Chaiz?

Use our search tool to input your car’s details. It will ask for your make, model, and year as well as mileage reading on your odometer. From there, our platform will generate the top third-party quotes. They will be offered to you in three tiers of coverage. The bumper-to-bumper warranty plan or exclusionary coverage, the powertrain plus warranty plan and the powertrain warranty plan.

You can compare quotes easily with each third-party provider clearly stated. Choose the warranty plan that best suits your driving and financial needs. Then you can select the plan you want and enter your VIN as well as mileage on your odometer to complete the purchase of your warranty plan. This is all completed easily online. It will save you the hassle of phoning around and gathering quotes. Our payment system is also easy to navigate.

How do I Find the VIN On My Car?

The VIN on your car is the Vehicle Identification Number that is different per vehicle. It is a number unique to identifying your car. The VIN identifies the exact trim of your vehicle for proper coverage when it comes to warranties. There are various ways of finding your VIN:

In lots of cars, the VIN number can be found on your dashboard. If you are in the driver’s seat it will likely be seen in the lower-left corner of your dashboard. You can also see it from the outside of your car through the windshield.

Under the hood of your car you will find the front engine block where you can see the VIN plate and get your VIN there.

In some instances, you will see the VIN on the car’s frame which is near the windshield wiper container.

In some situations, you may be able to access your VIN number underneath your spare tire in the trunk of your car.

Your VIN number can be commonly located on the inside of your driver’s door.

The rear wheel well sits above the tire. This sometimes shows the VIN of your car when you need it.

If you haven’t come right yet with these tips check your paperwork. The car’s registration and insurance card will likely show the VIN.

We hope these tips have made it easier for you to access your VIN so you can insert it before purchasing a warranty with Chaiz. The VIN shows your trim and will help you accurately get the coverage you need for your specific car.

The Pros and Cons of Extended Car Warranties

There are certain pros and cons of extended car warranties or Vehicle Service Contracts. We will look at them in more depth. After examining the pros and cons it will be easier to choose the best extended car warranties.

The Pros of Extended Car warranties on Chaiz

We will try to answer the question: are extended car warranties worth it?

The Cons of Extended Warranties on Chaiz

Are Extended Car Warranties Worth it?

You have the question on your mind: are extended car warranties worth it? The answer to this question is definitely yes. People have traditionally bought car warranties after phoning around to gather quotes or receiving countless robocalls which can be quite invasive. Chaiz offers a unique fully-online platform to compare quotes easily.

The warranty providers available on our platform are: SunPath, CarGuard, Royal Admin and CarShield, as mentioned. These warranty providers have been vetted and are used widely throughout the USA, saving customers thousands on repair bills.

Certain of these warranty providers offer automatic additional perks that were discussed above and will leave you feeling safer on the road. If your car has a breakdown certain warranties offer 24/7 roadside assistance. If you by mistake run out of fuel, they can offer a fuel delivery service. If you get a flat, the tire-changing service will come in handy. If your car breaks down more than 100 miles from your home your accommodation fees will be covered. If these perks are offered by the warranty you choose with Chaiz you can feel that extra level of comfort whilst driving out in the road that you will get assistance in case of an emergency or breakdown.

Choosing the Best Extended Car Warranties For Your Needs

If you are someone that clocks a lot of mileage per year, you will need to choose a warranty that suits your wear and tear. The bumper-to-bumper warranties offered on Chaiz will be ideal for you. They are the most expensive but cover the most components of your car.

If you drive less than this the powertrain plus warranty will work for you and will be one of the best extended car warranties for your needs. It will be slightly cheaper than the exclusionary coverage option.

If you don’t get out in your car too much, the powertrain extended warranty will suffice. This is also the most affordable option for your needs and the least comprehensive option.

Is it Worthwhile Buying a Third-Party Warranty with Chaiz Online?

By buying an extended car warranty via Chaiz you will save not only time but money. Save time spending ages calling around gathering quotes from warranty providers. Our online platform is easy to use. We won’t bother you with robocalls. Our system generates quotes within seconds. There are varying levels of coverage on offer from comprehensive to less comprehensive.

The bumper-to-bumper warranties or exclusionary coverage on offer are most comprehensive and most expensive and the powertrain options are least comprehensive and the most affordable. There are more types of warranties on offer with a variety of certain warranty providers offering extra perks. These make you feel safer on the road. With an extended warranty/ Vehicle Service Contract in place, you can drive with peace of mind knowing that your car will be covered in the case of a mechanical breakdown.

We are happy to offer you lower prices by third-party warranty providers. We have made our fully-online payment system easy to navigate. You can also request a call back from one of the Chaiz sales team members if you would prefer a chat. Overall it can be seen that Chaiz offers a unique online way to source warranty quotes and purchase your extended warranty easily online. Input your car’s details today and buy an extended warranty that suits your driving needs and your budget.

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