Steering Column Replacement Cost

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
Extended Warranty Specialist
May 16, 2022
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There are several indicators you may notice that may mean you need to do a steering column replacement in your car. We will look at the steering column replacement cost. We will examine a Ford F-150 steering column replacement to get an idea of how it’s done. Getting a replacement steering column is necessary at times and we will figure out when this is the case.

What Is a Steering Column?

A steering column comes with all cars. It creates a link between the chassis and steering, enabling the movement of your front tires in a left or right direction. The steering column is connected to lots of components, small and big.

There are wires connected to dials, buttons and levers that run through the steering column. A malfunctioning column can affect the working of many components such as the ignition switch, turn signal and cruise control. Later, we will look at the steering column replacement cost.

Signs That You Need a Steering Column Replacement

1. The Steering wheel isn’t Centered

The steering wheel should move back to center, after you have turned left or right. If it’s blocked or damaged this won’t be the case.

2. Weird Sounds are coming from your steering column

For instance, if you hear squeaking, clicking when you turn there may be bad internal components within your steering column. You may need a replacement steering column.

3. The Steering Wheel Tilting Function is Not Working

In cars with power steering there is a tilt function that allows the driver to alter the angle of their steering wheel. If the tilt function isn’t working it’s usually because of a bad component within the steering wheel. You likely need steering column replacement.

4. Your Steering Wheel is Hard to Turn

Power steering makes turning easy. If it’s hard to turn the steering wheel there may be faulty gaskets or gears within your steering column. You may need a replacement steering column.

Steering Column Replacement Cost

The cost depends on if it only needs a repair or if you need to replace related parts too. Your car’s make and model affect the price. If you have a luxury car, the job will work out more expensive. Most repairs will cost between $500 and $1500. This includes the parts costs and labor fees for a full steering column replacement job.

Ford F1-150 Steering Column Replacement

A Ford F-150 steering column replacement can be done at home if you have some knowhow of mechanics. We do recommend however that you take your Ford F-150 into a mechanic to replace the replacement steering column. The steering column in your Ford F-150 is connected to the steering wheel and intermediate shaft.

If the column needs to be replaced take care not to damage your steering system too. The exact way to remove it depends on the year of your truck. In basic terms, you need to remove the steering wheel, then the column, then install the new column. There are several steps involved here so a mechanic may be needed in most cases.

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