Online Extended Warranty Quote Comparison Ford F-150 2016

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
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June 24, 2022
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For the most part, getting an online extended warranty quote may seem like an impossible task. And in many ways it has been a difficult and demotivating nuisance. Most websites require you to fill in your information for a call back later and even continued robocalls that take up your time and patience. Well, with Chaiz, that is simply not true anymore. Here we promote customer satisfaction through transparency in information, service, and price. The best part, no calls unless you specifically ask to speak to a consultant. We are all about making an informed decision, Chaiz is choice after all.

Do not feel like you should just take our word for it though. Let’s take the Ford F-150 2016 with about 52,430 miles on the odometer as an example.

What is an Extended Car Warranty and What does it Cover?

An extended car warranty is offered by the manufacturer and typically extends either the powertrain or bumper-to-bumper warranty from the original purchase of the vehicle, known as a factory warranty. Though the best extended warranty is not a warranty at all though, but rather a vehicle service contract. They offer much more affordable rates with better coverage options. Vehicle service contracts are offered by third-party providers, many of which have years of experience and boast a reputation for reliability. The three tiers available are powertrain, powertrain plus, and most comprehensive, sometimes called bumper-to-bumper colloquially. Here are the systems covered by each plan, but do keep in mind that the level of coverage and number of parts does vary per plan.

Powertrain and Powertrain Plus Plans cover:

Most comprehensive plans do NOT Cover:

Online Extended Warranty Quote Comparison

This is all information available straight on the Chaiz website using the awesome search tool to narrow down providers for your car, in this case the Ford F-150 2016.

Where to Start?

Start by writing down all the information you will need to get warranty quotes for your vehicle. You will need to know the year of your car, current odometer reading, estimated yearly mileage usage, and your VIN (Problems finding your VIN?) if you would like to complete the purchase. With this information, it will be a bit easier to get quotes efficiently to make the best comparisons. So let’s get our extended warranty quote online with the following details:

Make: Ford

Model: F-150

Year: 2016

Odometer reading: 52,430 miles

Estimated yearly mileage: 7,490 miles

Through the Chaiz Marketplace:

Each plan has further details on the exact systems and parts covered by the plan with the benefits these plans include. If you are in the market for auto extended coverage, you can use Chaiz for information to detail price, parts covered, optional extras, and the additional benefits. Take a look at what your budget is and what items offered in these plans are important to you. The one that fits your budget and covers the majority of your needs will be the best plan for you. Keep in mind that these amounts are estimates and your exact car and state will influence the final price.

Other providers:


Why Purchase Extended Auto Protection with Chaiz?

Chaiz offers drivers the opportunity to compare, research, review and choose the extended auto protection plan best suited to their needs and budget. A vehicle service contract is meant to cover your car for repairs and labor in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Saving you from having to fork out hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not only will you have the savings and peace of mind that you are covered but also the extra perks that come with many of these plans.

How to Buy Extended Auto Protection with Chaiz?

Chaiz is an all-in-one online store for all your extended car warranty solutions. On top of being able to provide a transparent comparison of extended auto protection, Chaiz gives you the option of buying coverage directly online via the Chaiz search tool. Once you have chosen the plan that is the best fit for you then you can follow the steps to complete the purchase in your own time.

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