How to Check the Engine Oil Level in Your Car

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
Vehicle Service Contract Specialist, Traveler, Car Enthusiast
June 3, 2022
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Checking your engine oil regularly is good practice for any car owner and/or driver. It is also fairly easy to do and requires little to no mechanical knowledge to check. However, if you are feeling a touch intimidated by the whole process you can always have a professional check it for you. I would suggest though, that you get into the habit of checking the engine oil.

Why is Checking Your Engine Oil Important?

Engine or motor oil is what brings life to your car’s engine. The oil lubricates the internal moving mechanical parts. This ensures that all the parts are working properly and suffer wear and tear less. Increasing the lifespan and usability. The engine oil also works to limit overheating of the engine and prevent dirt build up that then keeps the engine clean. A healthy and mechanically sound vehicle will provide years of service.

Checking the Engine Oil

This is not difficult to do in the least, as we mentioned. You will be able to do this at home without any serious mechanical knowledge.  Here are a few simple steps on how to check the engine oil level in your car:

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