Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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May 5, 2022
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A fuel pump in your car’s main job is to send gas or diesel from the fuel tank to the injectors. The fuel pump must send enough fuel and at the right pressure to ensure the engine runs smoothly at all times. Fuel pumps don’t have a specific timeframe in which they need to be replaced. As your mileage goes up, fuel pump replacement is more common. If you continuously drive with your fuel tank on low, or drive with clogged fuel filters, strain will be placed on the fuel pump shortening its longevity. You may wonder, how much does a fuel pump replacement cost? We will answer that question by looking at the average fuel pump replacement cost for all vehicles in general. We will also take a closer look at a Ford F-150 fuel pump replacement cost.

How Much Does a Fuel Pump Replacement Cost?

According to RepairPal, the average fuel pump replacement cost is between $806 and $967. That means that is how much you will be saving on a fuel pump replacement if you have an extended warranty in place. Labor costs vary between $165 and $208 and parts vary between $641 and $759.

Ford F150 Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

We will look at a Ford F-150 fuel pump replacement cost as an example of a pick-up truck’s repairs such as this pricing. A Ford F150 fuel pump replacement cost is around $772 – $967. Labor costs are between $223 and $281 and parts are priced at $549- $686. A Chaiz vehicle service contract will cover this repair job should you need it, so you will save $772 – $967.

A Ford Vehicle Service Contract

It’s important to keep track of the coverage on your car. New Fords come with a bumper-to-bumper/exclusionary warranty of 3 years or 36, 000 miles whichever comes first. They also come with a powertrain warranty of 5 years or 60, 000 miles, whichever comes first. If you have a Ford F-150, 2018 model, your factory warranty expires in 2022. You will need to evaluate what to do next. We recommend you invest in a Ford Vehicle Service Contract with us. An extended warranty is interchangeable with a vehicle service contract, but they are not the same. A vehicle service contract takes effect normally after your factory warranty expires. It covers certain components of your car and is optional. It is offered to you by third-party warranty providers on Chaiz. You can save thousands of dollars on repair bills with coverage in place. Your fuel pump replacement cost should be covered by a vehicle service contract with Chaiz.

Ford F-150 Auto Coverage Types with Chaiz

There are three types of coverage options offered on Chaiz.

Type 1: Bumper-to-bumper plan/ exclusionary plan- this is the most comprehensive and most expensive plan brought to you by Chaiz. This plan covers most of the important components of your car between your front and back bumper.

Type 2: Powertrain Plus plan- this plan is slightly less comprehensive than type 1 and is also slightly less expensive.

Type 3: Powertrain plan- this is the least comprehensive option but is also the most affordable. It covers some of the main components of the car but is less comprehensive than Type 1.

Ford F-150 Vehicle Service Contract Cost on Chaiz

We will look at getting a protection plan for a Ford F-150, 2018 model with 60, 000 miles on the odometer. Your factory warranty will expire this year, in 2022.

A bumper-to-bumper plan (Type 1) will cost around $57.

A powertrain plus plan (Type 2) will cost around $46.

A powertrain plan (Type 3) will cost around $38.

Do Chaiz Protection Plans come with Extra Perks?

Some of the Chaiz auto coverage plans offer extra perks that make your driving experience all the better!

Sometimes Chaiz auto coverage includes:

Investing in a Vehicle Service Contract with Chaiz for Your Ford is a Good Idea

If your fuel pump is malfunctioning your auto coverage with Chaiz will likely cover the repair costs for you. This is a big save that you would have had to pay for altogether had you had no coverage in place. Some Chaiz plans also come with extra perks making things safer on the road. We have answered the question: how much does a fuel pump replacement cost? And it’s clear you can make big savings if you invest in a Chaiz protection plan. Our marketplace is seamless and fully online. You can compare quotes easily and our payment platform is easy-to-navigate with a choice of payment options in a secure setting.


Buy Chaiz auto coverage today and save up to thousands of dollars on hefty repair bills!


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