Cost of Towing a Vehicle

Giulia Nigrini
Giulia Nigrini
Vehicle Service Contract Specialist, Traveler, Car Enthusiast
May 17, 2022
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Car ownership is liberating in many ways. You have more control over the times you travel and the work you can do or even just simply being able to leave the party when you want to and not wait. Though this is true it does not mean that you won’t have some obstacles in your years of ownership.

Taking care of your car will benefit the vehicle’s health and contribute to maintaining a good resale value. It is always a good idea to make sure that your vehicle is kept in the best condition for the best outcome. However, the best kept cars are also subject to wear and tear and face the risk of a mechanical breakdown. When that happens you will more than likely need to have your car towed to your house or a mechanic. In this article we are going to take a look at the cost of towing a vehicle and how a warranty plan could benefit you financially.

What is towing a car?

Towing in general is when you use one object, or more, to pull another object along. Towing a car is when you have the front of one vehicle attached to the back of another vehicle that will pull the first vehicle along. Most often done when the vehicle being towed is unable to drive for one reason or another.

How much does it cost to tow a car?

Towing a car is not the most expensive thing but it can hurt your pocket, especially if you are far away from where you need to be. Many towing companies offer other services which could alter the price if you were to use one of those services. These include:

A pro tip is to find out where or not a towing service is part of your car warranty, extended car warranty, or your vehicle service contract. Added benefits such as car towing services are a great way to save and maintain a steady budget.

You might find that you are in need of these services at some point or the other and I find that it is mostly a good idea to have a ballpark figure for what the cost of towing a vehicle could be. The cost to tow a car is calculated by the miles to drive to and from the location you are in and then what the tow truck driver has to do to get to you or get you out. If you are on a dirt road or in the mountains, perhaps even require wincing services, this will increase the price per hour. The average cost for towing services in the US today is around $109. For the most part you are looking at the following prices for the listed distances:

If you are stuck and need extra services you could add $50 to $250 per hour. Plus towing services after a collision is much higher than if it is due to a mechanical breakdown. Speak to your auto insurance provider for more details on your policy and collision towing services.

Should you need towing services due to a mechanical breakdown, contact your warranty or vehicle service contract administrator to find out more about the towing services covered in your plan.


Protect my car with Extended Auto Protection from Chaiz

Mechanical issues are rather sporadic issues. Some are detected early with early symptoms but many of these mechanical failures can occur when you are not prepared for them. Any repair required for the transmission will take several hours to fix and possibly keep you without a car for a few days.

Chaiz offers drivers the opportunity to compare, research, review and choose the extended auto protection plan best suited to their needs and budget. A vehicle service contract is meant to cover your car for repairs and labor in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Saving you from having to fork out hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not only will you have the savings and peace of mind that you are covered but also the extra perks that come with many of these plans.

The added perks you will find on many of the plans offered through the Chaiz marketplace include the following:

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