4x4 Accessories for Off-Road Adventures

Casey Louw
Casey Louw
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May 10, 2022
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We will recommend certain 4×4 accessories that you can get to make your off-road trip all the more easy! We have a list of 9 of the ultimate 4×4 accessories to share with you. We will also delve deeper into the best 4×4 truck accessories. Our article will focus on the top 4×4 off-road accessories for the ultimate off-road adventure! These accessories make setting off on your journey easier and safer.

We will examine the top 9 4×4 off-road accessories.

The Top 9 Ultimate 4×4 Accessories

1.  Portable Solar-powered Generator

We recommend the Soyond Solar Generator/Portable Power Station retailing at $48.99 on Amazon. It’s a solar power station, being the ideal emergency solar generator for use at home, during travel or camping. There is a rechargeable backup battery power supply with a larger power capacity at 8000mAh. It comes with its own lights. There is a USB 5v dc output for tablets, iPhones, iPads, laptops, fans, digital camera, as well as USB shaver charged up. This generator creates light, acts as a charging station and has USB outputs for your devices. It is one of the ultimate 4×4 accessories.

2.  Portable Air Compressor

We would like to suggest you get the tEokEibEno Cordless Tire Inflator/Portable Air Compressor machine from Amazon as a good buy. This gadget is made up of a metal cylinder and metal gear. It can pump air into your tires continuously for 20 minutes. The maximum air pressure it can reach is 150psi. This is one of the very handy 4×4 off-road accessories to assist you in pumping your tires should they have deflated too much. It costs $49.99 on Amazon.

3. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

A digital tire pressure gauge can be very useful when you need to check how inflated your tires are. We recommend the Alien 4×4 Tire Pressure Gauge which does accurate readings so you can know exactly how pumped up your tires need to be. It costs $18.99 on Amazon.

4.  Emergency Survival First Aid Kit

We would like to suggest you buy the “121Pcs Tactical Gear Camping Gear Emergency Supplies with MOLLE Pouch-Camping Hiking Hunting Outdoor Adventureon Amazon. This contains a “flashlight, Military Knife, 8-use-in-1 spork, Survival Bracelet, Folding Shovel and Pick, Bottle Hanging Buckle, Parachute Cord, Pocket Bellow, Baseplate Compass, Multifunctional Saber Card, Dual-tube Whistle, Tactical D Ring Carabiner, Wire Saw and First Aid Kit.” The shovel is useful to dig your tires out when you get stuck off-roading. This costs $22.99 on Amazon and serves as a First Aid Kit with medical supplies and some very handy tools too.

5. Powerbuilt UniJack

Getting a Powerbuilt 2 Ton UniJack  Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a good idea. The “Powerbuilt 2 Ton UniJack Combination Hydraulic Bottle Jack / Jackstand in 1 Unit, Compact, Portable, Wide Base, for Unibody Sedans, CUVs, SUVs, Cars” is a good buy on Amazon. It costs $89.95.The Unijack we recommend lifts and supports a selection of vehicles with a 4000-pound weight limit and lift range of 8-5/8″ to 18-5/8″. This combines a bottle jack together with a jack stand. It lifts your vehicle and holds it in place so you can safely work on your car. A wide base means your car stays stable even on dirt. This is one of the handiest 4×4 truck accessories.

6. Installing a Winch if You Don’t Have One Already

A winch is a lifting or hauling device made up of a road or cable wound around a horizontal rotating drum. It has a power source or motor to turn the drum to bring in the line. The winch is usually mounted to the front bumper and comes in handy when you are stuck in the dirt off-roading and you can pull yourself out by securing the cable to a tree and you can haul the 4×4 out. This is one of the top 4×4 truck accessories. It’s wise to have a piece of tarpaulin that you can bury and attach to the other end of your winch’s cable to create an anchor if there is no tree to tie the cable around. We recommend the “TYT 12V Electric 4500 lb ATV/UTV Winch Kit, Off-Road Waterproof Steel Cable Winch for Towing UTV/ATV Trailer Car, Complete Winch Kit” on Amazon for $156.69.

7. Buying a Slime Tire Repair Set

Repairing a puncture on your 4×4 is easy with these tools. This is one of the ultimate 4×4 accessories. It’s a similar process to fixing a tubeless mountain bike tire. Find the leak, use the reamer to make the hole bigger, put some sealant on the plug’s end and insert it into the hole by using what is known as the plug tool. Push the plug in most of the way, remove the plug tool, trim away the excess and add more sealant. It works for modest holes. The tire repair kit (Slime Tire Repair Tackle Set (14-Piece Set)) costs $7.56 and the slime/sealant costs (Slime 2-in-1 Tire & Tube Premium Sealant) $14.24 on Amazon.

8.  Purchasing a GPS System

We recommend Gaia GPS system at $39.99 a year as a good off-roading GPS system. Before you go on your road trip, download what you need for offline use, and you’ll be able to navigate without cell service. A GPS is critical so you don’t get lost on your journey. You can buy this directly from Gaia.

9. A Toolkit is a Useful Buy for Off-roading

The “CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tool Set, SAE / Metric, 135-Piece ” on Amazon is $142.99. Having a basic socket set if you break down is very useful when off-roading. This is one of the 4×4 off-road accessories to have on hand on adventures.

With these 4×4 accessories in your arsenal you will be prepared for the worst- a breakdown, a tire pressure issue, getting stuck and using your winch to pull your car out of its stuck point and medical emergencies with a First Aid Kit. With these 9 accessories, you will be prepared for any eventuality when out on the road.

Before You Set Off on Your Off-Roading Adventure Ensure You Have Auto Coverage for Your 4X4

If your 4X4’s factory warranty is expiring soon, we suggest you invest in coverage for your 4×4 with Chaiz. We provide a selection of auto extended coverage options on Chaiz. The term vehicle service contract is often referred to as an extended warranty. These are provided by third-party providers on Chaiz.

The vehicle service contracts you can source on the Chaiz marketplace come in different levels of coverage. Input your 4×4’s model and mileage onto our search tool and compare the best vehicle protection options on offer. We also don’t make use of robocalls, but you can request a call back from our sales team if you need one.

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