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Independent and unbiased

We are not a provider and we don't play favorites — we simply aggregate the best plans from the top providers for you and let you decide which one is best for you

We’ve got your back

We don’t ask for a phone number, so you won’t be getting any annoying robo-dials from us! Spam emails? Heck no! Your information is safe with us.

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If you ever have an issue with
a plan provider, we can help! We have close relationships with our partners and will work on your behalf to solve any issues.

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The plans available on Chaiz

To keep things as simple and comparable as possible, Chaiz puts every plan into one of three categories. Click on them to explore what's typically covered.
This is for information purposes only. Effective coverage depends on the plan selected and needs to be reviewed carefully.

We're different

Call centers and dealerships generally only work with a single provider with take-it-or-leave-it pricing. Chaiz shows you several plans from multiple providers within 30 seconds.
All you have to do is:
Enter your car's make,
model, year or license plate and odometer reading
See all the plans available to you. Filter and compare them in any way that fits your needs
Select a plan and study its details incl. the contract before purchasing
Purchase the plan directly online and save up to 60%

Numbers that count

There are 70 million vehicle breakdowns each year, in fact you are 50x more likely to experience a breakdown than an insurance claim
A transmission repair could cost you up to $5,000! All plans on Chaiz come with deductibles of only $100
Of cars on the road today have no breakdown protection. Don't be caught out and
avoid paying out of pocket!
30 - 50%
Car repair costs have skyrocketed, with some estimates citing 30-50% higher bills than just two years ago

Protect your car

and avoid costly repairs
Car without a VSC
Without protection
Car with a VSC
With protection
*after deductible (typically $100) is met

Our guides on buying vehicle protection

to make better decisions quicker

Peace of mind

Before, during and after purchasing a VSC
30-day money back guarantee

We will refund 100% of your downpayment for up to 30 days in case you change your mind

Cancel your plan anytime

If you no longer need the coverage on your car you are welcome to terminate your plan at any time

5-star customer support

We have a team ready to assist you with your purchase or answer any questions you might have

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